Gamer opens rare $90,000 knife during CS:GO match cover image

Gamer opens rare $90,000 knife during CS:GO match

Imagine pulling a weapon skin worth $90,000 while playing a game of CS:GO.

CS:GO unboxing has been quite the wave lately. With how rare some of the weapon skins have become, so many of them have gained thousands of dollars in value. People will spend hundreds, if not thousands, on buying cases just to try and get one of these rare skins. Well, one gamer (name unknown) was met with quite a surprise when he opened a $90,000 knife during a game of CS:GO

The M9 Bayonet Blue Gem is considered an incredibly rare knife to pull from a case in CS:GO and is worth upwards of $90,000 USD. The item itself has only ever been pulled by a few gamers.

"This guy opened a $90,000 M9 Bayonet blue gem during a game of CS:GO," said Jake Lucky on X. "Possibly the most expensive knife ever unboxed during a game."

Gamer unboxes a $90,000 knife during a CS:GO game

People are always gambling on CS:GO cases, attempting to grab rare weapon skins. In fact, quite a few players have spent a decent chunk of change on the game just for that matter.

The only thing is, most of these times the rare weapon skins are pulled in the lobby.

For this gamer, that sweet luck of his was achieved during a random CS:GO match. Imagine the surprise he must have been met with while just opening a quick case during a game of CS:GO and finding out he had pulled such a rare knife skin.

M9 Bayonet Blue Gem in CS:GO (Image via Steam)
M9 Bayonet Blue Gem in CS:GO (Image via Steam)

I'm not sure I would have been able to hold in my bladder if that were me. The excitement would have been way too real. It's one thing when you are hunting for something that rare, but to stumble upon it on accident, is a whole other level of excitement.

What's the rarest weapon skin you have ever pulled in CS:GO?

With some weapon skins reaching up to over $400,000 in value, CS:GO has created some of the most expensive cosmetics in gaming.

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