The match saw more than 1.2 million peak viewers, the highest for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021.

The quarterfinal between Gambit and FURIA has already set new records for the PGL Stockholm Major. Map 1 surpassed 1.1M peak viewers, setting a new record for the CS:GO Major. Already one of the most popular Majors till date, this Major might beat all existing records, including the top spots held by the Eleague Majors. 

Gambit Survive late Comeback by FURIA to win Inferno

Gambit had a decent CT side on Inferno, going up 9-6 at half-time. The team’s traded a few rounds here and there and despite some heroic attempts by the Brazilians, they still ended scoring just six rounds. 

Taking advantage of its first-half lead, Gambit marched ahead to a 15-11 score. They were able to cripple the FURIA economy on multiple occasions to reach map point. But FURIA’s resilience knew no bounds as the Brazilians took control of the last four rounds in regular time to take Inferno to overtime.

In Overtime, FURIA won the first two rounds, and it looked like they had all the momentum on their side. But a late resurgence by the CIS squad helped Gambit win Map 1. 

KSCERATO was the star of Map 1 with a 1.29 rating. With 31 kills on Inferno, KSCERATO’s form was a warning signal for Gambit ahead of Overpass. 

Gambit Ease Past through on Overpass

Despite the close finish on Inferno, Gambit came into Overpass with a level of comfort that they did not have on Inferno. Overpass was their map pick and rightfully so as the team had a very good T-side. The team cruised through to 7 rounds on the T-side, which is a very good performance by any means.

On their CT side, Gambit brought out all guns. FURIA won a few rounds (3 to be exact), but it was all Gambit throughout the CT side. Their dominance, which included hunting kills post the round-timer to cripple the enemy economy spoke volumes of the CIS players’ confidence going into Overpass.

Eventually, Gambit won Overpass with a 16-10 score and are now awaiting the results of the Navi vs Vitality match. The second map was even more popular than the first with 1.2 million peak viewers tuning in.

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