The CIS squad proved their worth on LAN.

Gambit and NiP faced off in a match that would secure the Champions Stage for the winner. Both teams have been exceptionally strong this tournament and fans were in for a treat in this qualification match. Gambit has created an ‘era’ for itself, but it is an online one, so that has always been a small disclaimer. NiP, with Dev1ce, has looked exceptionally strong and the team’s performance at this Major will be a Dev1ce-powered one.

Gambit Come Back on Dust 2 to secure the Lead

Gambit picked Dust 2, one of the favorite maps for the team in recent months. However, NiP had a really strong start on the map, consistently playing aggressively to gain information. The players played off of each others’ information to allow Dev1ce the liberty of playing very aggressively. 

The Ninjas stormed to a 9-1 lead on the back of some amazing plays by Rez and Dev1ce. It wasn’t without some resistance as Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov looked sharp right from the beginning. The youngster almost pulled off a 1v4 clutch in the 4th round itself. 

But Gambit was not done. The CIS squad is notorious for having a slow start in its matches. Well, the second half was not slow for Gambit by any means. The team had one of the most impressive CT side performances in the map’s history. Sh1ro shut down NiP with 32 kills on Map 1. 

Total Domination on Inferno

Inferno was a completely different affair as NiP was absent on this map. This time it was Gambit with a 11-4 first-half score. But unlike Dust 2, NiP could not manage a comeback, and Gambit won Inferno with a 16-6 score. 

It was a relatively equal distribution across the Gambit lineup with Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov, Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov and Sh1ro contributing to Gambit’s dominance on Inferno.

FURIA and Gambit Make it to Champions Stage

With this victory, Gambit has earned its place in the PGL Stockholm Major Champions stage. The team joins FURIA who qualified for the next stage earlier today. FURIA defeated Entropiq 2-1 to complete its three wins in the Swiss stage format. 

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