G2 sweep FaZe to secure IEM Katowice Playoffs cover image

G2 sweep FaZe to secure IEM Katowice Playoffs

FaZe Clan will now face off against the mongolian stars IHC in the lower bracket. Meanwhile G2 continue their 15 map win streak and lock in a Spodek appearance.

G2 and FaZe entered IEM Katowice with an undefeated record in 2023. So when they drew each other in the Upper Bracket of Group A, one of those streaks was bound to come to an end. And unfortunately for FaZe Clan, it wasn't their day this time around. G2 continue their impressive form from 2022, now racking up a 15-map win streak after a 2-0 victory.

Map 1 - Nuke - JKS continues to perform at IEM Katowice

G2's Nuke has flown under the radar of many as one of the dominant home maps in the scene right now. The team has put up a 9-map win streak that goes all the way to ESL Pro League Season 16. And it has been a consistent ace in their pocket against FaZe. FaZe started with a pistol round conversion, but once guns came out for G2, the momentum stayed on their side. A 9-round haul on the attack put G2 in a solid position going into the second half.

G2 maintained their lead early on, but karrigan and co. managed to bring the game to an 11-11 tie. A half-buy clutch from JKS put G2 in the driver's seat, but it still ended up going down to the wire, with G2 pulling off a 16-14.

Map 2 - Ancient - G2 dominate FaZe despite a missing m0NESY

Ancient has been quite the opposite of Nuke for the boys in G2. Where they have cemented themselves as one of the best on Nuke, they very rarely go into Ancient. The only time they've played it in the last 3 months was a 4-16 thrashing at the hands of the very same FaZe Clan. FaZe once again started off with a pistol round win, but G2 showed a completely different face on Ancient. Despite m0NESY being completely absent from the map, the rifle trio of NiKo, JKS, and hunter fired on all cylinders.

In the second half, karrigan's triple opener put the first gun round into FaZe's tally, but an insane 1v1 from JKS on just 6hp was enough to answer back. FaZe clan ran out of fuel in the tank and G2 quickly closed out the map 16-7.

With yet another solid victory in the books, G2 have secured a spot at the playoffs of IEM Katowice. They will be playing against NaVi to decide seeding for the Spodek Arena playoffs, while FaZe drop down to the lower brackets where they'll hope to end the cinderella run from IHC. Will G2 clean house with NaVi like they have done twice recently? Or will a rejuvenated s1mple be putting a stop to the international team's roll?

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