Here’s what the new LDLC CS: GO roster might look like.

After spending several months on the bench, François “AMANEK” Delaunay has parted ways with G2 esports. The French player went inactive in January to make space for mONESY’s arrival on the team. 

AMANEK joined G2 esports in 2019 as part of the organization’s all-French CS: GO roster. However, with the decline of French Counter-strike, G2 had to move to an international roster featuring the likes of mONESY and more. 

AMANEK has been at the receiving end of G2’s attempts to rise to the top of the CS: GO scene. The player had adopted the role of the team’s primary AWPer, he was also the supportive player on the squad. However, when nothing worked, G2 had to bench him and move towards a significant upgrade in firepower. 

AMANEK takes a lot of experience playing in French roster and will be real valuable on whichever team he joins next. The 28-year-old player was crucial in G2’s Grand finals appearance at the PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major in 2021. 

What’s next for Amanek?

After spending close to six months on the bench, the French player is surely eager to compete at the highest level once more. He will join Team LDLC as per a report by neLdirekt. 

He attempted to create a team with Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and several youngsters but that project was put on hold for various reasons. 

If Amanek joins LDLC, the org’s CS: GO roster will comprise of the following players:

  • François “AMANEK” Delaunay.
  • Filip “Graviti” Brankovic.
  • Remi “Diviiii” Alexandre.
  • Ryan “Neityu” Aubry.
  • Hugo “Brooxsy” Di Bono.
  • Eythan “unshaark” Solomon.
  • Arthur “Snobling” Benard (On trial)
  • Matthieu “Razzmo” Mellot (On trial).

With his senior role on the new team, AMANEK can possibly put up better individual performances without having the need to cater to the team’s requirements. 

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