FURIA got eliminated from IEM Cologne 2023 after losing to The MongolZ. The latter team advanced to the Group Stage.

The IEM Cologne 2023 Play-Ins are coming to a close, and despite the enormous hype surrounding the team, FURIA's journey came to an end. The Brazilian team, led by captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, debuted their new roster. Unfortunately, the team didn't advance past The MongolZ in the competition.

At the beginning of IEM Cologne 2023, FURIA showed promise with a victory over Grayhound. However, they faced challenges in subsequent matches. The players fell short against Monte with a score of 2-1. Today, they were eliminated after a 2-0 defeat to the Mongolian squad.

FURIA doesn't close Inferno and gets punished

The MongolZ picked the Inferno map and started off well on the T-side. After losing the pistol and the eco-round, they won the half with a score of 9-6, with FURIA earning some last-minute points. After changing sides, FURIA recovered their score and began trading points.

FURIA got to the map point with a 15-13 score. This resulted in a forced purchase and a ruined economy for The MongolZ. Despite this advantage, FalleN's team didn't win the Inferno map. Their opponents took the game to overtime and won the map 19-15.

FURIA didn't show up for Overpass

FURIA's pick for the best-of-three map (Bo3) was Overpass. Although they decimated Monte last Thursday there, they were unable to do the same against The MongolZ. Things started well for FURIA on the T-side, but they lost a USP-S economy and fell apart.

After that round, The MongolZ earned 11 points in a row and closed out Overpass 14-5. FURIA won some rounds, but it was far from enough and they lost the map 16-8.

The MongolZ defeated FURIA at IEM Cologne 2023 (Image via Valve Corporation)
The MongolZ defeated FURIA at IEM Cologne 2023 (Image via Valve Corporation)

With their win, The MongolZ advanced to the IEM Cologne 2023 Group Stage. For FURIA, their journey in Germany came to an end.

FURIA's next tournament will be Gamers8, which will take place in Saudi Arabia.

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