FunSpark 2020 ULTI Europe Final is currently underway, but who are the eight CS:GO teams competing and who are the favorites?

FunSpark 2020 ULTI Europe Final is currently underway, but who are the eight CS:GO teams competing and who are the favorites?

Following the conclusion of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, another CS:GO event follows. However, the online tournament will comprise eight different CS:GO rosters, to compete for their share of a $250,000 prize pool.

The eight teams competing at the FunSpark 2020 ULTI Europe Final are as follows.

  • forZe
  • Complexity
  • HAVU
  • BIG
  • Extra Salt
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Dignitas (replacing Ninjas in Pyjamas)

The eight teams competing are a mixed bag of Tier One and Two CS:GO lineups. While there are definitive favorites, there are also scrappy underdogs who are looking to climb up the rankings. 

How Funspark 2020 ULTI Europe Bracket Will Work

The online European CS:GO event will span across 7 days in a double elimination bracket format. Teams will be drawn into the bracket and will face off in a best-of-three series to see who moves on in the Winner’s Bracket. Losers will still have another chance to make another attempt at the crown, but will need to play five best-of-three series to get there.

The eight CS:GO teams are drafted in the Upper Bracket as follows:

The marquee matchup in the opening round is the Complexity vs HAVU matchup. Both teams are relatively even on the HLTV Rankings and is a series that can go either way. 

While both teams are relatively matched well, are they the favorites? Or are there other contenders for the crown that you should pay attention to.

CS:GO Frontrunners for the Funspark Championship

The CIS CS:GO squad are favorites to win the online CS:GO event. Currently ranked #5 on the HLTV Rankings, the squad is one of the best performing CS:GO squads in 2021. Only issues with this team would be their lack of tournament appearances in 2021. Even so, this masks the opposing teams ability to review many vods of their gameplay. Thus, giving them an edge over the other 7 teams at this event.

HAVU as a Darkhorse Pick to Win

This finnish lineup is exciting to watch as they continue to progress as a CS:GO Squad. The team is playing a lot since late 2020 and are continuing this momentum into 2021. If are not on the ball during this tournament, it is very likely that HAVU will be able to take home the victory.

<em>Aerial Was A Part of Ence before Joining Havu early 2021.</em>
Aerial Was A Part of Ence before Joining Havu early 2021.

The Finnish squad also is the reigning FunSpark 2021 ULTI Europe Season 1 Champion, winning against Dignitas in April 2021. Coming off a victory earlier this month, the Finnish CS:GO team could begin to snowball another FunSpark event in the mix.

FunSpark will be an interesting event to watch because there is really one clear favorite. The fun is in seeing if can showcase why they are the best team at this event, or if another team can show up.

How To Watch FunSpark 2021 Ulti Europe

CS:GO viewers can tune into the FunSpark Tournament through their Twitch channel. The event will begin on April 19 2021 starting at 8am EST. Viewers can choose to watch vs. forZe or tune into BIG vs Extra Salt before the next set of matches at 11:30am. The event is a fun tournament that has a favorite. Yet, even with this favorite, it is not as clear cut due to’s lack of tournament appearances in 2021.

Who is your favorite of these eight teams competing at the online European event? For more CS:GO content, follow us on for more news.