Big Clan complete the miraculous lower bracket run and will get an opportunity for revenge against Extra Salt in the finals of FunSpark ULTI 2020.

Big Clan complete the miraculous lower bracket run and will get an opportunity for revenge against Extra Salt in the finals of FunSpark ULTI 2020.

Big Defeat forZe 2-0 in Loser Round Finals

Since their loss to Extra Salt in Round 1, Big are going on a loser’s bracket run. The German side has defeated Evil Geniuses, Complexity, Havu Gaming and recently forZe to get to the finals. In the midst of a winning streak, Big are now just one series away from completing their lower bracket run.

tabseN is the longest tenured member of Big and a staple of the German CS:GO team.

However, their final opponent will be a tough one in ExtraSalt, who are entering the finals through the Upper Bracket.

Big are going to need to continue their streak against Extra Salt. The German CS:GO team will be down one map due to qualifying through the loser’s bracket. The lower bracket team will need to win three matches out of four in order to win the series. While Big are going to be disadvantaged, the road is not impossible. 

syrsoN vs oSee Key Factor In FunSpark Ulti 2020 Final

While the final is unpredictable, the two key players are clear. Both team’s driving forces will be behind singular players. Big’s syrsoN and ExtraSalt’s oSee are standout players at this event. Both players enter the final series with 1.20 and above ratings and are key for their respective team’s success.

syrsoN was ranked #10 on HLTV’s Top 20 Player’s of 2020 List.

Whoever is able to perform better is a good indication as to who will take this series. While oSee is more rested, syrSon is continuing to get hot. The German player continues to ride this streak forward. In the series against forZe, syrsoN danced to a 1.38 Rating en route to a 2-0 victory against the CIS Squad.

Both Teams Qualify for FunSpark Ulti 2021

Win or lose, both Big and ExtraSalt are going to qualify for the FunSPpark Ulti 2021. However, the prize pool difference between 1st and 2nd is $100,000. So while qualifications will not be decided, the difference in cash is big. Winning the championship means different things for both teams. For ExtraSalt, it would mean the organization’s biggest win. It would also mean vindication that the former Cloud9 core has potential to become a Tier 1 CS team.

Extra Salt qualified for the finals after a 2-1 victory over forZe in the upper bracket.

As for BIG, the narrative is about regaining championship glory. Previously a Rank 1 team in 2020, the German side are currently struggling to get back to the top. When comparing 2020 BIG to their 2021 counterpart, the difference is noticeable. However, a win here at FunSpark Ulti 2020 could mean a huge momentum shift. It would also mean their biggest monetary prize win in the organization’s history.

While both orgs are already qualified for the next installment of FunSpark, winning means a lot. This is going to be an opportunity to start a new narrative as a strong team in CS. Who’s narrative will be rewritten? Will it be Big or will it be ExtraSalt. Let us know!

The FunSpark Ulti 2020 Finals will begin on April 26 9am EST. Extra Salt will be given a 1 map handicap due to qualifying through the winner’s bracket. The match will be streamed through FunSpark’s Twitch Channel. For more updates on CS:GO related news, make sure to follow for more information and up-to-date news.

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