Even with the stand-in situation of JKS, Faze manage to batter Gambit with masterful calls from Karrigan and heroics from ropz.

After a year of dissapointment, the ropz powered FaZe Clan has kicked off 2022 with a statement victory over Gambit. Karrigan put on a masterclass of IGLing taking the series 2-0 despite the absence of rain. The win locks in a semi-finals spot in the Spodek Arena, where FaZe will be taking on Heroic for a spot in the IEM Katowice Grand Finals.

The Latvian AWPer showed everyone why he's considered a safe pair of hands.

FaZe clan Dust off Gambit

The international squad blew the doors off in their opening match. Gambit may have won a few back and forth rounds but the half was always #FaZeUP. JKS, Broky and ropz put up an impenetrable wall and locked the first half 10-5 for FaZe Clan.

The T side was absolutely flawless, as the star-studded lineup snowballed Gambit and took the map 16-5. In the post-map interview JKS said that he had studied rain's positions through demos, and it definitely showed in the server.

"I mean i had a few days because obviously he was sick with covid so we didnt know if he was gonna test negative or not. Most of the positions are kinda similar to me, but obviously some positions are more aggresive so. I did have a little bit of time to watch some demos of rain and of other players. So yeah i had a couple of days."

JKS on standing in for rain

Gambit Succumb to the Brawl

The second map was a closer affair. Gambit lost the first two rounds but a force around saved guns meant was enough to pull them accross the line, turning the tides in their favor. The scoreline looked dire as the only other round they could win was a broky ace, but with the scoreline at 8-3, the Europeans showed great grit and battled back in to end the half 8-7.

The second half was a return to form as once more, FaZe ran away with the lead and managed to close the game out. This time ending in a 16-11. Gambit looked shaken in front of the crowd as they kept force buying in rounds that they would've never considered in the past. FaZe managed to end the series 2-0 and locked a spot into the Spodek Arena.

In the post-game interview Karrigan talked about the trials and tribulations the team has been through and his thoughts on Gambit's performance.

"Just doing our best, just focus on what is infront of us and just letting Justin feel comfortable with us. And that's what we're doing and I think you could see that in the performance today. We had a little time to talk yesterday when we found out that he might have to play. So yeah I'm just proud of the team and the mentality. Everything that we've been through. This is amazing. And in front of this crowd. And shoutout to Gambit, their time will come, they are a really great team."

Karrigan in the Post-Match Interview

"When we have a match like that, the energy is on another level. With the crowd behind us, these are the moments we live for." - FaZe ropz

Counter-Strike returns to the Spodek arena with a live audience after a gap of two years. IEM Katowice 2020 took place without a live audience, it was the first esports tournament affected by COVID. For ropz this was the first time he played in the Spodek.

When Pala “Pala” Gilroy Sen asked ropz about the atmosphere in the stadium, here's what the Estonian had to say:

Man its crazy with a stand in. Honestly I haven't been on a stage in a long time. And winning big matches like these it means everything to me.
When I walked down those steps, I got goosebumps all over because of the atmosphere.
When we have a match like that , the energy is on another level. with the crowd behind us, these are the moments we live for.

Ropz on the Spodek Arena

FaZe will face Heroic in the Semi-Finals tomorrow. Cadian vs karrigan, a battle of masterminds that every fan will want to tune in for. Who will win the chess match? Stay tuned to esports.gg to find out.

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