FalleN joins FURIA ahead of IEM Cologne cover image

FalleN joins FURIA ahead of IEM Cologne

The 32 years old CS:GO veteran is the new In-Game Leader of the Brazilian roster

FURIA, one of the most prominent esports organizations in Brazil, has announced Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo as its new CS:GO player. The Brazilian legend arrives to take on the role of In-Game Leader that was with Andrei "arT" Piovezan.

The hiring of the 32-year-old AWPer was first reported by the Brazilian outlet Game Arena and, since then, gained the heart of the local scene. FalleN is one of the biggest names in Counter-Strike, and for the last few years, FURIA has dominated the CS:GO scene in Brazil. For many fans of the player and the org, this is the perfect pairing.

FalleN and FURIA together is a win for Brazil

Co-founder and co-CEO of FURIA, André Akkari, led the meetings and negotiations with FalleN. According to him, hiring the IGL is a milestone for the community. He hopes that with this addition, FURIA will bring together the Brazilian fanbase in Counter-Strike.

"The arrival of FalleN represents a moment of bond for the Brazilian esports. (It) is a milestone for the community, that craved a team that represented the best that Brazil has to look for at the top of the world in CS. Differences and obstacles were overcome and the Brazilian esports community can finally celebrate this moment."

FURIA also says that FalleN's arrival helps the team not only on the competitive side but also in terms of brand. His presence on the roster brings global visibility and attention to Counter-Strike fans worldwide.

FURIA CS:GO roster

With this addition, FURIA's CS:GO roster is as follows:

  • Yuri "yuurih" Boian
  • Andrei "arT" Piovezan 
  • Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato
  • Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
  • 5th player (To be announced)

FURIA: A mix of generations

One of the motives for the community to celebrate this addition to FURIA is the encounter of two different generations. While FalleN, alongside Marcelo "coldzera" David and others conquered the CS:GO world many years ago, FURIA still looks for its spot in the hall of fame.

Even though the organization didn't win any Major trophies, the team still has the two most prominent talents of this Brazilian generation, Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato and Yuri "yuurih" Boian. Now, the community will fulfill one of its oldest dreams, seeing those names playing alongside FalleN.

And the Brazilian's hope is even higher for the fifth name of the roster that may come this week. According to reports from several outlets, Marcelo "Chelo" Cespedes will also play for FURIA. The player, like FalleN, already said goodbye to Imperial, the team that he was representing until now in 2023.

The debut of FURIA's new roster, with "The Professor" leadership, will happen on July 26th, at IEM Cologne 2023. The org is yet to announce its fifth member, but we will update this article with any new information.

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