Eternal Fire now have a ‘BIG’ challenge waiting for them.

Eternal Fire has thrown a massive surprise by eliminating Astralis from the ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs. This victory ensures the team has secured at least a top-12 placement at the Pro League.

Close call on Vertigo

The best of three series kicked off on Vertigo which was Eternal Fire’s pick. It’s a map that they are supremely comfortable with, however, Astralis has also shown commendable results on this map. 

Eternal Fire started off strong with the pistol round win and then won the next four rounds. Astralis clawed back three rounds based on some excellent tactical maneuvers. Astralis’ comeback ensured the first half ended with a relatively even 8-7 score. However, when the teams switched sides, Astralis had no response to the Eternal Fire CT side. They were simply thwarted repeatedly. 

Multiple members of the Eternal Fire squad were performing at their peak. In fact, four members had more than 20 kills which resulted in Eternal Fire barely edging past Astralis on the first map. Calyx had the most kills at 24, however, XANTARES had the highest Kill difference and topped the leaderboard for his team.

A much more dominant performance on Inferno

After winning Vertigo, Eternal Fire found their momentum. Inferno saw a dominant Eternal Fire CT side, and Astralis seemed to have problems penetrating the defense. This time, Eternal Fire started on the CT side and managed to amass a sizeable lead. With a 9-6 lead, Eternal Fire just needed a short spurt in momentum to ensure they would get closer to the glorious 16.

Astralis managed to win the pistol, but failed to win a single round thereafter. Inferno ended with a 16-7 victory for Eternal Fire.

With this victory, Eternal Fire have set a match with BIG in the Round of 12. The ESL Pro League Season 18 has a $875,000 prize pool with the winner receiving a direct invite to IEM Katowice 2024 as well as BLAST World Finals 2023.  

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