CS:GO will be integrating a new “Face Verification System” in hopes of combating cheaters and hackers.

Cheaters within the CS:GO scene may be a thing of the past, with FaceIT's new face verification system. The newly released integration will make it almost impossible for cheating, hacking and surfing within the CS:GO community.

Here is everything you need to know about FaceIT's new face verification system and how it works.

FaceIT to fight off cheaters with its new face verification system

The new system will require players to provide proof of a government-issued Photo ID, adding the player to their system, and preventing them from making secondary accounts in the future.

Partnering with Daon, a Digital Identity Trust Company, the new face verification system has created quite a controversy within the CS:GO scene.

Some are hindering the decision, claiming that giving a company their government information just to "play a video game" is ludicrous. On the opposite end, others are praising FaceIT for finally doing something against the cheaters. A feat to which they feel Valve has lacked a response.

The integration would help put a stop to cheating issues within the CS:GO community. It will just depend on how many players decide to comply with the new system.

How will the new system help players?

The new FaceIT ID verification system will directly combat those that try to make multiple accounts. This will prevent high-level players from "smurfing".

FaceIT CS:GO (Image via Steam)
FaceIT CS:GO (Image via Steam)

Smurfing is a term used for those who create low-level accounts and then compete in matches against players far less skilled than themselves.

Additionally, those banned from hacking and cheating in the past will be unable to create a new account.

Will the FaceIT verification system cost money?

No. The FaceIT system will cost nothing and is entirely optional at the moment. Those who have been accused of malicious behavior will be the only accounts required to use the new system.

With CS:GO having verification issues in the past, it is hopeful that this new system will create a better ecosystem for the competitors.

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