No surprises here. Let’s hope no more game updates mid tournaments.

The CS2 update dropped mid-tournament during the ESL Pro League season 18. As Team Complexity and Monte were competing against each other in the Round of 12, the CS:GO servers went down. After a brief break, the matches resumed and Monte eliminated Complexity from the event. However, there were doubts whether the tournament would continue on CS:GO or switch to CS2.

ESL Pro League Season 18 to feature CS:GO

ESL has confirmed the ESL Pro League Season 18 will continue on CS:GO. This was not an entirely unexpected announcement as the majority of the month-long league is already over. We are well into the Pro League playoffs with only seven matches remaining in the last few days.

“As the competition is currently ongoing and in order to preserve the tournament integrity, however, ESL Pro League Season 18 will continue to feature CS:GO as potentially the last Tier 1 League in this historic chapter of Counter-Strike,” ESL said in a statement. 

Fans disappointed - want Pro CS2 content

The Counter-Strike 2 beta has been out for some time and there have been several streamers live-streaming their matches on Twitch. While the ESL Pro League playoffs matches were very important yesterday, the entire community was heavily focused on the CS2 news and leaks. 

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that CS:GO fans were disappointed (more out of love for the game than anything else) to not see their favorite pros play CS2. Meanwhile, streamers like XQC have already unboxed rare knives in Counter-Strike 2. 

With CS2’s release, one of the biggest questions for many fans was whether their existing cosmetics will transfer to CS2. Valve had already confirmed earlier this year, that all skins will port to CS2

Shortly after ESL’s announcement, BLAST also revealed their upcoming event - the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown will take place on CS:GO. This is mostly to allow players and teams enough time to adjust to CS2 and still come up with competitive strategies on it. However, BLAST has gone a step further and revealed that BLAST Premier Fall Finals will take place in CS2. The Fall Finals might be the first Tier 1 event to feature CS2 involving some of the biggest teams in the world.

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