ESL has announced the next edition of the Pro League will feature players on LAN in Germany.

ESL Pro League Season 15 will take place on LAN, the tournament organizer announced today. The event will take place in Germany, although ESL has not announced the exact venue just yet.

ESL Pro League will feature 24 of the best CS: GO teams competing in a LAN environment in Germany. The tournament runs from March 9 to April 10, 2022. This is the second ESL LAN event of this year. It’s also the first ESL Pro League event to take place on LAN after the pandemic first hit in 2020. 

We are enthusiastic to finally bring EPL back to a LAN environment, thanks to many efforts we are now able to announce that EPL will be hosted as an in-person competition in Germany.

ESL Pro League Season 15 Schedule

Along with the LAN announcement, ESL has revealed the match-ups and schedule for the group stage of the event. 

The first match kicks off on March 9 with G2 esports taking on Australian roster LookingForOrg. There are four groups with each group playing in a round-robin format for five days. Every match in the group stage is a best-of-three affair. 

Changes to the next ESL Conference

The organizer also announced that the ESL conference, initially scheduled to take place alongside the ESL S16 Groups and playoffs will now take place during the DreamHack Summer festival on June 15-20. The ESL conference will also take place on LAN it was revealed in today's announcement.

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