ESL and G4 to Partner for Pro Tour Content cover image

ESL and G4 to Partner for Pro Tour Content

A historic partnership between ESL + G4 has just been locked in. They’re aiming to create esports content for casual gamers across the world.

ESL and G4 have announced a collaboration by creating content for North American audiences. Selecting from events across the ESL Pro Tour, G4 will be tailoring esports content directly to newer audiences in the gaming space. Frank Uddo, Senior Vice President of Media Rights at ESL Gaming, states that they are aware of the growing North American esports fanbase and believe that G4 is the best partner to grow this unique part of the international space.

ESL and G4 have now partnered. (Courtesy of
ESL and G4 have now partnered. (Courtesy of

G4 has previously been known to bring forth quality TV content in North America for years. After their hiatus, the network has finally emerged in 2021 as the premier place to experience quality video game content across various genres and communities. Kevin Sabbe, Chief Content Officer of G4, is now looking to get into the esports space through means of “in-depth analysis, entertaining fans, and most importantly, offering casual gamers a comedic entry point into the world of esports”.

The programs offered by G4 are supposed to air on prime-time slots for new audiences to experience the world of esports through ESL. They are also supposed to feature highlights of ESL events and one-off takeovers of the ESL Twitch channel. Although what ESL events will be featured on the network, the inclusion of G4 could be an important step in bringing new fans from North America into Counter-Strike.

This partnership has been slated from now until IEM Cologne 2022. This will also be the first time ESL events will air on national television in North America and Canada. Stay tuned to for more updates of this evolving partnership.

Featured image courtesy of ESL Gaming.