ESIC release an 18 page statement on the ongoing Heroic scandal between its former players and ex-coach HUNDEN.

Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has released information regarding former Heroic coach HUNDEN’s claims that players on the team were aware of his coaching bug abuse.

The month-long investigation has resulted in just a minor punishment to niko, as a result of admission to guilt. 

Heroic quartet cadiaN, TeSeS, b0RUP and stavn were deemed innocent in the case. According to the statement, there was insufficient evidence to deem them guilty under ESIC’s Integrity Program. Notably, b0RUP was the only one not included in HUNDEN’s allegations.

“I expected a flood of 'evidence' of other teams’ players being complicit in their coaches cheating with the coach bug, but this has not happened," ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith said in the final paragraphs of the 18 page statement.

However, while the aforementioned quartet will not receive any punishment, former Heroic player and current OG player niko will receive a punishment.

ESIC Ban niko in light punishment

ESIC looked through information submitted by HUNDEN. The information includes: a written statement, an anonymous witness, screenshots of messenger conversations, and a voice recording of a conversation with niko. Furthermore, ESIC conducted a review of evidence for each of the involved parties in Heroic.

niko is currently a CS:GO player for OG and was previously a longtime member of Heroic.
niko is currently a CS:GO player for OG and was previously a longtime member of Heroic.

In the end, ESIC did not find sufficient evidence to find the Heroic quartet guilty. Niko took accountability for his role in the situation and has accepted a plea bargain with ESIC. The following punishment goes as follows.

1. A severe public reprimand for his behaviour

2. A warning as to future conduct with severe consequences for any future breach of the ESIC Integrity Program

3. Mandatory attendance at two one on one education sessions with the ESIC Commissioner of minimum 30 mins duration each

4. A minimum 15-minute check in with the Commissioner every month for a minimum of six months to ensure he has understood and is complying with the ESIC Integrity Program and to offer him support for any issues he might be having in this respect.

The reasoning behind ESIC’s Light Punishment

The reasoning behind the lenient punishment, as explained by ESIC, revealed that niko has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. And according to information given to ESIC, it would “significantly impact his ability to know right from wong, make values-based decisions on his own, and communicate effectively in a conventional way.”

In response to the ESIC statement, the OG player put out a twitter statement explaining his personal health and ESIC ban.

According to statement put out by ESIC, the Danish player was made to believe that the bug was no big deal, humorous and that his teammates were aware of it. The report then explains how all knowledge of the spectator bug’s existence came from HUNDEN himself.

The dialect in which it was brought up was in a light and casual manner, compared to tactics a matchfixer would use. Resulting in a lighter sentence for Niko.

Moving forward

With the Heroic and HUNDEN allegations now looked into with a ruling, ESIC will continue moving forward as they aim to maintain competitive integrity in esports.

"I hope this changes in future as people know that ESIC will investigate fairly and sympathetically in the best interests of esports. Competitive integrity is key to the sustainability and increased commerciality of professional elite esports. If people lose faith in the product, it is the players that will suffer most and I hope all players accept that we are all in this together and that ESIC is here to protect them.” Commissioner Ian Smith stated.

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