The Danish hybrid rifler, es3tag joins Complexity to take the place of tenured support player RUSH. The Juggernaut debut at EPL Season 14.

The Juggernaut have made their latest change during the CS:GO player break by bringing in Patrick “es3tag” Hansen. The Danish hybrid rifler has returned from nearly four months of inactivity from a professional team. Making a name for himself on the tenured organization Astralis, es3tag was recruited by Cloud9 to form the Colossus in Europe. Met with close losses and a lack of meaningful results, the roster was disbanded in March and the Dane remained on the bench for quite some time.

From Heroic to Cloud9, es3tag braves a new challenge alongside Complexity (Photo Courtesy of DreamHack)

Es3tag now joins Benjamin “blameF” Bremer and Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke as the third Danish player on the roster. A now primarily Danish roster, Complexity is tasked with moving past their middling results in the last year starting with ESL Pro League Season 14. The online event is set to be a month of high octane CS:GO that begins on August 16th.

Es3tag joins as a replacement for veteran RUSH

Es3tag will be replacing the veteran American support player Will “RUSH” Wierzba. The American has been playing under Complexity for nearly two years and stayed in Europe for almost his entire career with the organization. The former Major champion has provided lots of success throughout his tenure and will now return to America to rest during the player break.

This roster move is the second revamp Complexity have underwent after the benching of Jamie “keita” Hall, the former coach. An announcement regarding the void of that position remains to be seen, but could be filled by industry veterans such as Danny “zonic” Sorenson or Wilton “zews” Prado in the near future.

RUSH currently is evaluating his many options during the player break and may return once it concludes. Roster-mania is currently underway! Stay tuned to for all the top roster updates, tournament news, and more.

Featured image courtesy of @Complexity on Twitter.

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