ENCE were missing in Map 2 of the series.

The second quarterfinal of IEM Sydney 2023 saw ENCE and FaZe Clan go head-to-head. The single-elimination format left little room for error, and today FaZe Clan were the superior team. They defeated ENCE 2-0 winning 13-5 and a dominant 13-0 scoreline on the two maps.

Finding ENCE at IEM Sydney

It’s a poor attempt at rhyming with a popular animated movie, but ENCE were simply nowhere to be found in the playoffs. The team won the first three rounds, including the two after the pistol. Starting on the CT side on Nuke and winning the first three rounds is usually a good sign, but not for ENCE.

Once FaZe secured weapons, they seemed unstoppable winning eight of the next nine rounds. With 17 kills to his name ropz was clearly one of the most important factors for the roster. But the rest of the team were behind Twistzz at 16 and broky at 15. The first map of Nuke ended with a 13-5 score in favor of FaZe Clan.

And the complete disappearance on Anubis

IF you thought the first map was bad for ENCE, the second was worse. ENCE failed to win a single round on Anubis with simple mistakes and just plain inferior firepower today. Quite often a strong team, ENCE was simply not in their element today and put up a really disappointing performance for their fans.

With this victory, FaZe Clan advance to the semifinals of the tournament. The team will face off against MOUZ in the semifinals. In the other layoffs match of the day, Complexity eliminated BetBoom Esports with a 2-0 score.

ENCE exited the tournament after securing a top-six place. The team wins $10,000 to mark an end to their tournament run down under.