Latest CS: GO Update fixes controversial smoke bug cover image

Latest CS: GO Update fixes controversial smoke bug

Well that’s a quick fix

The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major is the pinnacle of Counter Strike esports. Twenty four teams started the tournament in different stages but only eight will make it to the playoffs. However, the Major has seen G2 use a controversial CS: GO smoke bug on multiple occasions, one that necessitated a clarification from the tournament organizer and now a rare Valve emergency CS: GO update.

The CS: GO smoke bug allowed some weird interactions and one-way smokes that fundamentally changed the way the game is played. As the community rallied to get the smoke banned from the Major, PGL’s announcement allowed the smoke. 

We are using the latest client version of CS:GO, and we will allow the smoke going forward.

PGL allowed the smoke to at the Antwerp Major.

The community’s reactions to PGL’s statement was full of disbelief. The CS: GO teams at the Major came together with a unanimous decision not to use the smoke bug at the Major. Days later, Valve has released a CS: GO update that provides a fix to the controversial CS: GO smoke bug. 

Valve provides quick fix for the smoke

Valve released a quick update targeted specifically at the smoke bug usage. The mini-update had just one line of change - ‘Fixed a recently reported smoke bug.’

The update was a necessary one cause the Major's competitive integrity was at stake. The fact that the CSPPA had to take

The PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major will continue today with the Round 4 matches. Today’s matches will see three teams move to the playoffs while three others will be eliminated from the tournament.

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