Five kills, 1 bullet. What more can you ask? Talk about a good round.

When in doubt, Rush B. This nearly decade-old strat has helped teams win rounds when nothing else works. But for one team, this strat backfired and all the opponent needed was a single bullet. One AWP bullet was all he needed to kill the incoming horde of T-side players. Here’s how the CS:GO one bullet ace went down in April 2023.

How did it go down?

Rush B is a relatively viable Pub strat on almost any CS:GO map, but Inferno, in particular, has a long history of T-side players running down ‘banana’. However, Inferno’s design is also quite different from other maps in that it has a narrow alleyway for the Ts to funnel through.

In a Faceit match, a CT player bought the AWP and was ready to take his position to defend Banana. As is the case he threw an he_grenade to soften up any incoming enemy. As he took up position behind the B-site car, and shot at the enemy, he realized the round was over. Yup, that was it.

Call it luck or skill, it was also quite a big mistake by the Terrorists. You certainly don’t move in a single line when you rush Banana. It’s not school anymore, you can break formation.

Is this the first 1 Bullet Ace in CS:GO?

While it is extremely rare to see a single bullet get five kills, this particular play was not the first such incident in CS:GO.

In 2020, there was yet another 1 bullet Ace. It also took palce on Inferno Banana in a very similar manner. A grenade to soften up the incoming terrorists and then an AWP shot.

This play, however, might be the last ever in CS:GO. Of all the maps, Inferno is the only one where players often group up and the narrow alleyway means they often lineup together. With Counter-Strike 2 coming out soon, there’s a high probability that this play is the final one in this game.

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