CS2 Update fixes Party Matchmaking and Potty Occupancy Indicator cover image

CS2 Update fixes Party Matchmaking and Potty Occupancy Indicator

Occupied or not, yuo now have all the information,

Counter-Strike 2 updates are flying left and right. And to give you and your friends some wings, Valve has provided an update to Party Matchmaking in CS2. The latest update also includes changes to the infamous CS2 Potty.

After releasing Vertigo and Overpass in the latest update, Valve has already come out with a few changes. The latest update brings fixes to the two new maps, but it also allows players to play with friends.

Previously, CS2 players were often faced with an in-game bug where they could not enter matchmaking if they were a party of two or more. Playing CS2 without your friends is like traveling on a cruise without the crew members - not a pleasant experience. 

CS2 Patch Notes for July 18

You can read the full patch notes here.


  • Fixed a case where parties of two or more were unable to enter matchmaking
  • Adjusted door interactions with dropped weapons and ragdolls
  • Fixed a case where door interactions with players affected hit registration
  • Fixed a case where four grenade icons would scale incorrectly in the team hud


  • M249 now has bullet belt animation


  • Vertigo
    • Various adjustments to lighting
    • Added sounds to potty doors
    • Fixed vacancy signs on potties
  • Overpass
    • Various fixes

Among the changes include adjustments to the lighting on Vertigo. But probably even more interesting an update are the changes to how Potties interact on the map. Now CS2 Potty doors make a sound when opened or closed. At the same time, players can see from the outside if there is a person inside the Potties. Gone are the days when you had to pre-shoot the potty and risk giving away your position.

Counter-Strike 2 is slated for a Summer 2023 release. The game brings improved graphics, better responsive smokes, and amazing environment interfaces. Overpass features one such improvement where the water is responsive and extremely clear compared to the previous version.

Featured Image Credit: Shnappi YouTube

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