PGL is to host the first CS2 Major. Tournament organizers can bid for the subsequent ones, with TOs allowed multiple bids as well.

Valve has requested tournament organizers to place their bids for the CS2 Majors for the next two years. Similar to the current schedule, there will be two Majors per year as has been reported by There are, however, some changes to the CS2 Major dates for 2025 and 2026. 

Change in CS2 Major dates

There has been a change in the CS2 Major dates according to HLTV. Previously the Majors were to take place in May and November. However, the latest information seems to point towards June and December Majors right before the Player break. 

The change of dates also means there will be significant changes in the CS2 calendar year. For the past few years, the BLAST Premier World Finals has taken place in December, quite often the only CS:GO event in that month. The Player break usually follows, allowing players to spend time with their families and friends and just take a break from the game.

What are the dates for the CS2 Majors in 2025 and 2026?


  • June 9 – 22
  • December 1-14


  • June 8 – 21
  • November 30 – December 13

Valve's Proposal

Here are Valve's proposal for requirements for a CS2 Major bid:

  • We typically prioritize events that take place in regions where a TO has previously held successful events. Additionally, it is helpful to identify backup venues in case travel restrictions or other complications make the original location inaccessible.
  • As with previous Major Championships, our primary goal is to identify an event that will provide the greatest entertainment value to existing CS2 customers, so please be specific when describing services or features of your event.
  • Note that in general, we do not weigh heavily any features that are untested, new, or in-development. If you are proposing novel features for your event, consider providing additional detail explaining how those features will be developed and tested, and what alternatives you’ll consider if they cannot be executed as planned.
  • The vast majority of spectators for your event will be viewing games through streams. Your proposal should include a distribution plan including the expected streaming platforms, languages available, schedule, etc.
  • The event should be time zone convenient for a significant proportion of CS2 customers (the game has two prime-times, one at 16:00 CET and one at 21:00 CET).
  • To allow us to properly evaluate your proposal, please include a link to footage of events you have run recently that are of comparable production quality to the event you are proposing.
  • For both the Major and RMRs, Valve will provide support for the prize pool and players’ travel and accommodation.

Are there any changes to the format?

The <a href="">BLAST Paris Major</a> was the final CS:GO Major. Image Credit: BLAST.
The BLAST Paris Major was the final CS:GO Major. Image Credit: BLAST.

Any tournament organizer bidding for the Majors will also run the various qualifiers and the Regional Major Ranking events. These events determine the final list of teams that will participate in the Major. Valve has not yet announced any changes to this format. 

Valve will also provide support in the form of finances and rulebook for the two events. Readers interested in checking out the current rulebook can do so by clicking here. 

The BLAST Paris Major was the final CS:GO Major crowning Team Vitality as the victors. With CS2 slated for a Summer 2023 release, users can expect significant updates and more maps to be added to the new game. Valve is also slowly but surely releasing more CS2 beta invites to include more of the playerbase in the new game. 

Stay tuned to for the latest CS2 news and updates.

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