Are you one of the lucky ones?

Valve dropped a small but significant update to CS:GO and CS2 today. Amidst a few map changes, there’s also a new wave of CS2 beta invites going out. 

After the BLAST Paris Major, the entire Counter-Strike fanbase is eagerly waiting for news and probably a few CS2 invites. When Valve announced Counter-Strike 2, they released a few beta invites, although it did leave quite a few content creators and influencers disappointed. Today, Valve has released a few more CS2 beta invites. 

What’s new in the CS2 Update?

Most of the updates are bug fixes and ensuring the most popular maps’ competitive integrity. A few days ago, a CS2 update was released that allowed players to shoot through the Mirage mid Ticket booth. This is particularly drastic when it comes to sound-based positional playing on Mirage which can completely alter the course of the game. 

You can check out this particular feature in this video where G2 player, mONESY expresses his surprise. 

The latest update seems to have fixed this bug along with other minor bugs on Mirage. 

June 10 CS:GO update patch notes

Here are the June 10 CS:OO update patch notes. This is the second time Valve has released some CS2 Beta Invites.


Case Drops

  • Players now get a weapon case with their first weekly XP rank up, rather than after some amount of (idle) playtime.


Limited Time Access

  • A second tranche of users are in process of being added to the limited test.



  • Removed wallbang through door towards connector.
  • Blocked gap in box stack top of mid.
  • Blocked pixel gap by ticket booth.
  • Added back jump onto firebox in A site.
  • Fixed various player and grenade collision bugs.
  • Fixed various minor graphical bugs.


  • Fixed disconnecting players taking C4 explosive with them.
  • Deathmatch bonus weapons now offer weapons from equipped loadout options.
  • Added "Replace for CT" context menu loadout shortcut for USP-S when P2000 is equipped and vice versa.
  • Automatically cancel drag and drop operation when switching away from loadout menu.
  • Improved the look of SCAR-20, G3SG1.

Workshop Tools

  • Fixed asset compiler bug creating stray files when running in directories that have spaces.

Stay tuned to for the latest CS2 news and updates.