Valve releases more CS2 beta updates in July 17 patch cover image

Valve releases more CS2 beta updates in July 17 patch

The beta invites are part of the same update that added Overpass and Vertigo to the game.

The latest CS2 update also comes with a fresh batch of CS2 beta invites. Even though the game releases in Summer 2023, Valve has been periodically releasing new CS2 beta invites. And if you haven\t been lucky so far, it’s time to boot up the game and check again. Because a fresh batch of CS2 beta invites just went out.

In their latest CS2 update, Valve also quietly released a new batch of CS2 beta invites. The update included two new maps and a new game mode. Overpass and Vertigo are now available in CS2, although Vertigo’s availability seems limited to only a few game modes. Valve also added Wingman - a popular CS:GO game mode - to Counter-Strike 2. 

What is the Purpose of CS2 beta Invites?

Counter-Strike 2 will release in the Summer of 2023. However, before the official launch, Valve, like any other game developer, wants to ensure there are as few bugs and problems as possible. 

The CS2 beta invites are a way for developers to use community feedback to iron out bugs in the game. CS2 features new mechanics such as responsive smokes, better graphics, and a new sub-tick rate system. 

But with new features, there are undoubtedly going to be bugs and problems. And the beta invites are a way for developers to know about these bugs and fix them before launch. 

If you are sending an email to the developers, it is important to mention as much of the problem including images and videos if possible. You can send an email to the CS2 developers via the following method.

Meanwhile, there are still quite a few CS:GO tournaments ongoing. The BLAST Paris Major was the final Major in CS:GO with Team Vitality emerging as the victors. IEM Cologne kicks off later this month and will probably be the final time CS:GO will take place at the Cathedral of Counter-Strike.

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