A new subscription service has arrived in CSGO. Here’s all you need to know about the CSGO 360 Stats: How much it costs, how to cancel it and what are the advantages.

The May 3 CS:GO update added a new map, several cosmetic items and new chicken models. But beneath all this chaos, Valve also has announced a new subscription service for CS:GO players. The ‘End of Broken Fang’ Update saw the launch of CS:GO 360 Stats.

What is CS:GO 360 Stats?

CS:GO 360 Stats is a premium subscription service available in-game to CS:GO players. The service allows users to gain access to statistics from their competitive matches. It also includes access to Premier and Wingman game modes as well as the Round Win Chance report that was a part of Operation Broken Fang. 

The subscription lasts exactly one month from the start of the subscription period. It will automatically renew on the same date each month unless the user manually cancels the subscription. 

The CS:GO Stats page in-game displays the time remaining for the current subscription month. 

How to Cancel CS:GO 360 Stats subscription?

Players can choose to cancel their subscription if they feel it is not providing enough value or for any other reason. There is a simple way to cancel the subscription without launching the game.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription.

Open the Steam website and click on ‘Account details’ on the top right corner of the page.
Users can then click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and cancel their existing Stats subscription.
The next page will show their existing Steam subscriptions. Click on the edit button next to CS:GO. 
Users can then choose to cancel their subscriptions. 

360 Stats subscriptions are non-refundable. So users should cancel their subscription before the start of the next billing cycle. 

How much does the CS:GO 360 Stats cost?

The cost of the CS:GO 360 Stats subscription in the United States is $0.99. The actual cost in other countries will vary depending on currency conversion rates at the time of subscription.

The CS:GO 360 Stats can be useful for players who want detailed information about their recent matches. The subscription will only display statistics for matches that take place while the subscription is active. It will not display statistics for other matches. 

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