Counter-Strike 2 beta… Boring? Gamers complain about lack of players and content cover image

Counter-Strike 2 beta… Boring? Gamers complain about lack of players and content

Wanna play on Dust II for eternity?

Some Counter-Strike 2 players are already bored of the beta.

It's only been two weeks since Valve launched a limited test for Counter-Strike 2. But some content creators are already a bit bored of the highly anticipated Counter-Strike game and are asking Valve to make some changes.

Image via Valve/Counter-Strike
Image via Valve/Counter-Strike

What are the issues with Counter-Strike 2?

The most buzzed-about criticism during the Counter-Strike 2 beta is that there's just not enough people in there. Players are running into the same people over and over again due to Valve's restrictions on who gets to take part in the testing.

Many Counter-Strike players were already angry about this before the beta opened, noting that many popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers were left out of the beta while VALORANT players were given access. Now the lack of CS:GO players involved is even more apparent.

The second complaint is the repetitiveness of playing on Dust II again and again. This map is iconic in the series and has been around since CS 1.6. But CS2 is a limited test and it doesn't have a huge map pool, so players are running into Dust II over and over. When you're a streamer grinding the game for hours a day it's easy to see why this is getting old.

The Counter-Strike 2 limited access beta is, well, limited. Players had to meet some specific requirements to gain access, including a certain amount of playtime on official Valve servers. It's common sense that the limited beta won't have all of the content available when Counter-Strike comes out in the summer of 2023.

But would it hurt Valve to add a few maps?