It’s not over for Cloud9 just yet as they can still make it to the playoffs.

A dominating performance by floppy has resulted in Complexity securing its spot for the ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs. Meanwhile, Cloud9 is not yet out of the tournament, but things have definitely gotten a lot more difficult for the team.

Complexity cruise to 2-0 

Cloud9 started off strong with a six-round lead. The 6-0 start looked very promising for Complexity, and they even managed to secure a lead into the first half. The 9-6 first-half score was not enough for Cloud9’s CT side. 

The Complexity CT side was much more formidable than their T side. Cloud9’s Shr1o had a particularly good map with 22 kills and a 1.28 rating. But the others on the roster - Ax1le and electronic - were also on point with 21 kills apiece. 

While the Cloud9 roster was definitely pulling out all stops, Complexity’s floppy was a step ahead. With 29 kills on Anubis and an impressive 1.55 rating, his performance shadowed everyone else on the server.

The initial ronds on the second half were extremely close with multiple bomb defusals that led to Complexity gaining an edge. 

The second map was Ancient, Cloud9’s map of choice. Despite it being their map choice, they actually suffered a bigger defeat on this map. Part of it was the momentum that Complexity gained from the first map as well as the initial stages of the second map.

Cloud9’s pistol round win was not enough as Complexity quickly bounced back. They won seven rounds in a row before Cloud9 managed to pull back a few rounds. But once the teams switched sides, the Complexity T-side was flawless. They cruised to victory earning their playoffs qualification.

What is Complexity’s CS:GO roster? 

Complexity’s CS:GO roster is as follows:

  • Ioannis 'Johnny' "JT" Theodosiou
  • Ricky "floppy" Kemery
  • Michael "Grim" Wince
  • Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli
  • Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

With this victory, Complexity is guaranteed a top-12 finish in the ESL Pro League Season 18 and at least $25,000 in prize money. Meanwhile, still has an opportunity to qualify for the playoffs, but obviously, they have a much more difficult path to the end.

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