Complexity eliminate BetBoom from IEM Sydney 2023 cover image

Complexity eliminate BetBoom from IEM Sydney 2023

Top four secured for Complexity at Sydney.

The first day of the IEM Sydney playoffs started with a dominant Complexity victory over BetBoom esports. The first map ended with a 13-6 victory for Complexity while the second one went 13-11. With this loss, BetBoom are out of contention at IEM Sydney 2023. 

A surprise CT start from BetBoom

BetBoom started on the CT side of Anubis, a decision that is extremely surprising considering the nature of the map. Unfortunately, for them, they failed to win a single round in the first few rounds, going 0-6 on the CT side. They picked up a few rounds to end the half with a 3-9 deficit. There were some valiant attempts by the players, however, it wasn’t enough for the team who failed to control the Complexity onslaught.

Nafany and Danistzz in particular were impressive with 13 and 14 kills apiece. Only Nafany ended the map with a positive Rating of 1.15. The rest of the squad were all below 1.00 in their CS rating. 

On Complexity’s side, even though it was Elige who top-scored with 18 kills, it was floppy’s performance that was the highlight. The 23-year-old had several impact frags that allowed his team a huge advantage even in difficult situations. 

Complexity seal the series on Ancient

Complexity started Ancient with a pistol round victory. However, the first few rounds on Anceint were quite different compared to Anubis as both teams traded rounds. The first half was a close affair, but Complexity had the slight edge with a 7-5 score.

The second half was, once again, a strong showing by Complexity on the T-side. They won eight rounds allowing BetBoom only four rounds. Ultimately, it was enough to give them the victory with a 13-11 score. Floppy was the top-scorer with 23 kills, closely followed by EliGe. 

Despite their loss, and subsequent elimination from the event, BetBoom had a decent performance. The sentiment was echoed by the team’s coach, Viacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin who wasn’t too disappointed with the team’s first LAN event with him as a coach.

With Counter-Strike 2 becoming the standard game mode for most tournaments, teams have a chance to prove themselves. For now, however, Complexity marched on to a top-four placement at IEM Sydney 2023. 

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