Cloud9 now in the Upper bracket as they derail Outsiders IEM Cologne start cover image

Cloud9 now in the Upper bracket as they derail Outsiders IEM Cologne start

Cloud9 with the amazing comeback on Ancient are sure to get teams’ attention at IEM Cologne 2022.

An excellent team showing by Cloud9 has helped them win 2-0 versus Outsiders. The winners of IEM Dallas are off to a fantastic start at IEM Cologne as Cloud9 will now face the winner of Astralis and FURIA. Here’s a quick recap of what happened in Cloud9’s match against Outsiders.

Dust 2 started… and ended very quickly

Cloud9 were extremely dominant on Dust 2 and Outsiders could find no way to crack the C9 defense. A 12-3 first half left little room for Outsiders to put up any chance of winning in the second half.

To add salt to their wounds, Cloud9 also won the first three rounds on the second half, taking the score to 15-3. They closed Dust 2 with a 15-6 score, a disappointing start to the series by Outsiders.

There were performances across the board for Cloud9 but Ax1le and Sh1ro stepped up as the top fraggers. Ax1le ended Dust 2 with a 101.6 ADR and just seven deaths throughout the first map.

Max CT performance on both sides of Ancient

The second map, Ancient was Cloud9’s map pick. After demolishing Outsiders on their map pick of Dust 2, Cloud9 were clearly the favorites to win Ancient and secure an early win in the series. 

Cloud9 started strong on Ancient after the pistol and the subsequent round. However, Outsiders had a really strong CT side, stalling Cloud9 in their tracks. Outsiders won 11 rounds and ultimately, they had a commanding 11-4 lead on their CT side. 

Once the two teams swapped sides, however, Cloud9’s dominance on their CT side was a thing of miracles. Cloud9 won seven straight rounds to tie the score at 11-11. Outsiders manged to win their first T-side round on the 23rd round, maintaining their lead. However, Cloud9’s dominant CT side was back again and they secured the map with a commendable score of 16-12 despite being down 4-11 at one point in time.

With this victory, Cloud9 will now face the winner of Astralis and FURIA in Group B of IEM Cologne 2022. Meanwhile, Outsiders fall down to the lower bracket and will have to fight for survival through the tournament.

IEM Cologne is currently in its group stages and features the best CS: GO teams in action.