Paris Major RMR events go to new locations all over the world cover image Paris Major RMR events go to new locations all over the world

RMR events are back to regional locatiosn this year after both the Americas Major were hosted in Europe last year.

The Paris Major locations have been unveiled today in a press conference. The first CS: GO Major of 2023 will bring back RMRs to their regional locations. 

The RMR events – Regional Major Ranking events – are qualifier events for the CS: GO Major. Every year, there are two Valve-supported CS: GO Majors, the epitome of competitive Counter-Strike.

One of the frequently asked questions upon the Paris Major announcement was the location of the RMR events. The RMR events of 2021 – for the PGL Stockholm Major and the IEM Rio Major – did not take place in their respective regions. The Americas RMR for both events took place in Stockholm and Bucharest, respectively.

Where will the Paris Major RMR events take place?

The Paris Major RMR events will take place in three different cities - each representing the local hub for their respective regions. 

  • Americas RMR - Monterrey, Mexico
  • Asia RMR - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • European RMR - Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the first time that we will see RMR events take place in these countries. The exact RMR dates have not yet been released. With the Major kicking off on May 8, the RMR events should take place around mid-April, 2023. 

The location of the Challengers and Legends stage events is not yet confirmed.

Late last year, Valve introduced some changes to the RMR system with a new CS: GO ranking system starting with the Paris Major. The top teams in each of the three regional standings will receive invites to the closed qualifier events. At the time of writing, G2, Team Liquid, and Lynn Vision have the top points in their respective regions.

The standings formula are subject to change at a later date based on the experience gained from the Paris Major. The latest standings are available here.