An opportunity for any team from any region to compete against the world’s best CS: GO players.

Esports tournament organizer BLAST has announced global qualifiers for its upcoming Spring showdown event. The qualifiers will span four continents and provide an opportunity to players from over 100 countries to compete. The qualifiers will populate eight spots at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

BLAST’s regional tournament partners will organize the qualifier events in different regions. These qualifiers tournaments will run through March and April and provide an opportunity for teams to qualify to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

Which are the BLAST Premier Spring Qualifier tournaments?

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown will have eight teams come in via regional qualifiers spread across the world.
  • Firesports Latin Power (South America): 11-13 March.
  • RTP Arena Cup (Iberia): 18-20 March.
  • TWR Eastern European Masters (Eastern Europe): 18-20 March.
  • Pelaajat Nordic Masters (Nordics): 18-20 March.
  • MESA Nomadic Masters (South East Asia): 21 & 23 (online) & 26 (LAN) March.
  • WePlay CIS Masters (CIS): 25-27 March.
  • FantasyExpo EU Champions (Western Europe): 25-27 March.
  • Ace North American Masters (North America): 28-30 March.

The top teams from these tournaments will earn their spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. The Showdown tournament features some big name teams such as Astralis, NiP, MIBR and more.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to continually expand and grow these qualifiers year-on-year. We are now in a position where we are working with leading regional partners to offer teams from over a 100 countries the opportunity to feature in our Spring Showdowns. The qualifiers have become a hugely important part of the BLAST Premier and wider Counter-Strike ecosystem – giving teams of all ability and standing a shot at playing on a global stage, against the world’s best.

A first-place finish at the Spring Showdown can earn a participating team a slot at the Spring Finals. 

Involving several partners and stakeholders in its esports circuit allows BLAST to have a near-global reach. With qualifiers allowing teams in more than 100 countries and four continents to participate in some of the biggest events in the circuit, BLAST is strengthening its grassroots CS: GO ecosystem. 

Each of the eight qualifier tournaments caters to different regions. South America, North America, Iberia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Nordics, CIS and South East Asia are all covered with these oturnamnets. 

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