Orgs will slowly move to CS2, but not too fast. The Fall Finals wil feature CS2.

Earlier today, Valve announced the official release of Counter-Strike 2, also known as CS2. The update ad the server downtime came during the ESL Pro League Season 18 matches, with one series having to be postponed to the next day. Today BLAST also revealed a similar announcement for their upcoming event - The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2023. 

ESL also announced the remaining matches of Pro League will take place on Global Offensive and not on CS:GO. And now BLAST has also revealed to that their event - BLAST Premier Fall Showdown will take place on CS:GO. 

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown to take place on CS:GO

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is a qualification event for the Fall Finals later this year. The tournament has a sizeable prize pool of $67,500. However, the bigger opportunity for most attending teams is the chance to qualify for the Fall Finals.

The Fall Finals that will take place at the Copenhagen Arena from Nov 22-26 will take place on Counter-Strike 2. The decision was mostly taken to allow teams to acclimatize to the new game. Also Valve has been diligently pushing out new CS2 updates to fix any small problems and errors in the game. So far, Counter-Strike 2 has received a positive response with a large section of the community happy with the performance. 

Key to this performance boost is Valve’s new sub-tick system. The sub-tick system adapts the tickrate depending on the person’s computer system. So players with high-end systems can extract the maximum performance from their systems. However, players with lower or mid-range systems can still enjoy the game to its full potential. 

Fall Showdown gearing up

The BLAST Premier CS:GO circuit features a number of events that allow partner teams to compete in the marquee World Finals. However, BLAST also allows other teams, not partnered with BLAST to attempt to qualify. 

The eight teams taking part in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown are as follows:


  • BIG
  • G2 esports
  • OG
  • ENCE
  • 9INE
  • Movistar Riders
  • Victory Zigzag
  • Cloud9


  • Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Complexity
  • Imperial esports
  • Forsaken
  • Legacy
  • The Mongolz

CS:GO fans can catch all the action live on Twitch.

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