The tournament had 861,383 peak concurrent viewership.

The First Blast Premier aena event brought us many enjoyable moments and amazing matches. As the Copenhagen crowd went wild over the spectacular plays, the crowds at home gave Blast their biggest peak viewership ever. With over 861k viewers watching live, BLAST Premier Fall Finals was a huge success.

Navi in three of the top 5 peak viewership matches

As with any other recent event, Natus Vincere took the cake with 3 out of the top 5 most viewed matches. But Astralis’ home ground consolidation final against Vitality came in as the second-highest peak match in the tournament. The list is rounded out by NaVi’s Upper Bracket stomp against Vitality and Liquid’s rematch against the Young Danes in Heroic.

Blast Premier Fall Finals Viewership
Blast Premier Fall Finals Top Performing Matches.Source: Escharts.

As the first Arena event since the league was restructured into Blast Premier, everyone had high expectations for this event. And it totally delivered, taking the crown as the most-watched Blast event ever, and even managed to enter the list of top 10 most-watched CS:GO events of all time. In terms of Hours watched, the event managed to squeak out a lead over the Blast Premier Global Finals 2020.

A viewership comparison for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals reveals it was the most watched BLAST event ever.
Blast Premier Fall Finals took the crown as the most-watched Blast event ever. Source: Escharts.

For the newest tier-1 CS:GO Broadcaster, this is a huge achievement as they even beat out IEM Cologne 2021 as the 2nd most viewed event of the year. And as the pioneer in CS:GO production, who can question their popularity? The team entrances and Stage were spectacular and the broadcast flowed perfectly.

With the conclusion of Blast’s year-long circuit coming up, it’s likely that the Tournament Organizer will set even bigger numbers for the future. Blast Premier World Finals will be NaVi’s 4 LAN victory in a row and will be in S1mple’s words, the starting point of their Era.

Check out Esports Charts, for more in-depth statistics for esports events. Stay tuned to to keep up with the upcoming events, and read about NaVi’s win at Blast Premier Fall Finals here.

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