When the time is right says BLAST Director, Charlotte Kenny.

One of the most prominent names in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, BLAST has notoriously been absent from the title’s Major circuit. BLAST organizes its own tournament circuit featuring Spring and Summer tournaments and ultimately culminating in the World Finals towards the end of the year.

Update: BLAST is hosting the first CS:GO Major of 2023. Valve also unveiled that the BLAST Paris Major will be the final Major of CS:GO.

Currently, there are three premier tournament circuits in CS: GO. The first, the official Major circuit, features two Majors a year. Both The Majors this year were ESL events, the first one in Katowice and the second one will be in Rio, Brazil.

In a recent interview with Pley.gg, BLAST Director, Charlotte Kenny, spoke about the tournament organizer’s plans to go global and also to host a CS: GO Major in the future. 

BLAST events are popular for their top-tier production and the events have received widespread praise from the community. However, despite the high praise and excellent production quality, BLAST has not yet hosted a CS: GO Major. There have been rumors of BLAST not wanting to host a Major due to the operational losses involved in a Major. But in the interview, BLAST Director confirmed that they are always looking to host a CS: GO Major. 

We always get lots of comments on whether we are interested in hosting a Major or not. Just to dispel any rumors; BLAST is always interested in hosting a Major,” she said in the interview with Pley.gg. “What’s important is that our community wants to have a Major hosted by BLAST, so that we can make sure that is the best Major that ever will be and that it fits in with our strategy. Watch this space. When the time is right, we will do a Major.

Will BLAST host a CS: GO Major in 2023?

Degster at BLAST Premier Spring Finals.
Degster at BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

We don't know yet. ESL will host the next CS: GO Major in Rio, Brazil. The tournament will take place over a period of fourteen days from October 31 to November 11, 2022. With a large Brazilian audience and thousands of CS: GO fans in attendance, the Jeunesse Arena is expected to be packed to the brim with attendees. 

Valve has invited bids from tournament organizers wishing to host CS: GO Majors for the next few years. It’s still not clear whether BLAST has applied to host these events for now.

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