He’s now the longest-standing member on the Astralis squad.

Benjamin "⁠blameF⁠" Bremer has extended his Astralis contact through to 2025 the org announced today. BlameF is currently the in-game leader for Astralis having taken over the mantle earlier this year.

Today, Astralis is where I most want to be and the team I most want to be a part of. We are in a really exciting process, and I am developing as a player. Astralis has done a lot of right things over the years, and there are many who should be given credit for what the team has achieved. It is never about one person, but with Kasper Straube, we feel re-energized, and together with all those who work hard every single day for us to succeed, his approach to performance has had a great significance for me.

- blameF

Longest standing member of Astralis

BlameF is now the longest-standing member of Astralis and is set to remain with the org for another two years. 

The 26-year-old Dane joined Astralis in November 2021 with an aim to help the team catapult itself to the top again. Multiple changes to the roster and roles within the roster, however, have not allowed Astralis to regain its top-tier form.

However, in more recent months, Astralis has slowly but surely improved its performance and results. The Astralis CS:GO team secured its BLAST Premier Fall spot. The team also had a top-four finish at IEM Cologne losing to G2 Esports in the semifinals. More recently, Astralis qualified out of the ESL Pro League Season 18 group stage. A third-place group stage finish has earned the roster a playoffs spot. 

IGL packs a punch

In terms of numbers, blameF remains one of the top performers for the team. His consistency and reliability have ensured he remains a steady performer. With a 1.25 rating, also the highest on the Astralis squad, over the past three months, blameF has packed a punch in firepower. In addition to some amazing numbers, blameF’s in-game leadership and strategic maneouvers have ensured improved performance overall for the team. 

Benjamin has proven his potential and is becoming a strong, modern leader who sets his own clear direction while also being good at listening and involving his teammates. His dedication and collaboration with the team's other natural leader, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, has been extremely important to the rebuilding of the team, and I am extremely happy about this extension.

- Kasper Straube, Sports Director.

Astralis are currently competing in the ESL Pro League Season 18. They have already qualified for the playoffs, and with the conclusion of Group D later this week, they will be back in action. Astralis fans can stay up to date with all the ESL Pro League Season 18 news at esports.gg. You can also watch the matches live on Twitch.

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