Best performance at a Valve event ever?! Electronic destroys Illuminar at IEM Road to Rio cover image

Best performance at a Valve event ever?! Electronic destroys Illuminar at IEM Road to Rio

With an unimaginably high 3.07 rating and 4.3 impact, electronic blasted Illuminar out of the server.

After a less than stellar event at ESL Pro League, NaVi came in guns blazing. And IGL Denis "electronic" Sharipov was at the forefront. 41 kills in just 21 rounds meant that electronic was sending Illuminar packing in their opening game at the IEM Road to Rio RMR.

The unkillable S1mple: 0 deaths in the first half

While electronic overshadowed the post-match discussion, Oleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev was making waves early on. In the first half, the player was unkillable going 14-0 despite losing a couple of rounds. But under the radar, electronic popped off. Picking up 27 kills in the half, he was already on track to break records. And not only was he dominating the game, but he was also IGLing the team.

electronic drops an eye-watering 4.30 Impact Rating at IEM Road to Rio

Usually, after such a dominant first-half players slow down in the break. But electronic was in no such mood, as he continued to perform round after round. Illuminar could find no match for him with their entire team scraping together just 2 kills more than electronic. His performance in this opening game of IEM Road to Rio netted him a 3.07 rating along with a 4.30 Impact Rating.

Best Performance at a Valve Event

The absolute dominance from electronic made us look back at some of the best performances at any Valve event. And with 41 kills in a 21-round game, he had toppled the legendary Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev vs Quantum Bellator Fire game from ELEAGUE Boston 2018. While that game was in the playoffs of the major, Electronic's raw numbers blew past flamie's performance, all while IGLing.

  • Rating - 3.07
  • KPR - 1.95
  • DPR - 0.48
  • Impact - 4.30
  • ADR - 179.4

With this amazing performance, he has secured the record for the best performance at a Valve-sponsored event. After a less than stellar EPL, this win is just what NaVi need to get their confidence high. Especially as it is the LAN master electronic that's popping off.

With their next match against MOUZ, they will have to keep their form high if they wanna take down the NXT generation. Tune in to ESL’s Twitch Channel(s) to watch the games live. Stay tuned to for the latest CS: GO news and updates.