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The Best Knives in CS:GO

Knives exist at the top of CS:GO’s cosmetic pyramid. We’ve picked out five affordable knives that will give a chance to flex without breaking the bank.

Although they are purely cosmetic, knives in CS:GO are a staple of the game’s gameplay experience. These peculiar, infamous in-game items bring a unique sense of satisfaction to your gaming experience that transcends the fact they are ‘just pixels.’ The simple yet distinct gratification of the flip of a flip knife, or the toss of a bayonet, appeals to large swaths of CS:GO’s numerous players.

Especially after staring at the default knife for so long, substituting dull for flashy is a desirable change. But, as most aspiring knife owners know, the best knives in CS:GO are worth a pretty penny.

A thriving market exists for casual and hardcore fans alike to hawk their wares and buy, sell, exchange and upgrade their in-game skins. Knives exist at the top of CS:GO’s cosmetic pyramid, and due to their rarity and desirability, they can range in price anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars.

So if you’re new to the skin game and looking for the best knives in CS:GO to get you into the market, we’ve curated a list of solid starting options on how to get knives in CS:GO. Alongside our gaming content, check out our CS:GO news , as well as the latest esports news, to keep on top of the game and the industry.

Best Knives in CS:GO

In CS:GO’s expansive knife market, prices vary based on knife type, finish, condition and sometimes pattern. There are 19 different knives in the game, each worth different amounts based on their rarity and popularity.

When opened from a case (which is the only way to get ahold of a knife in CS:GO without paying or trading), each knife has a condition ranging from Battle-Scarred to Factory New and has a price tag that reflects it. Knives also have a paint finish with wildly different values attached: a Boreal Forest knife skin is worth much less than, for example, a Fade.

There are two places to buy the best knives in CS:GO: the Steam marketplace and 3rd party skin-selling sites. Steam controls the former, meaning it is safe and secure and allows you to use your Steam credit. Unofficial 3rd party companies like Bitskins run the latter, but this usually means the prices are lower.

Without further ado, here is a list of the best knives in CS:GO for beginners looking for budget deals below $100:

CS:GO Knife #5 - Navaja Knife | Urban Masked (Field-Tested)

Image via CSGOStash
Image via CSGOStash

If all you care about is having your first knife and don’t care too much about looks at this point, then going for one of the cheapest knives on the market is a good shout. The Navaja knives are one of the most common varieties able to be unboxed and therefore sell for a lot less.

The Urban Masked is a cheap finish due to its bland, colorless style that doesn’t look great when in bad condition. This knife in Field-Tested, which is in the middle of the five possible conditions knives come in, costs only $74 on the Steam marketplace and $57 on Bitskins. While its finish means it’s probably not one of the best knives in CS:GO, the opportunity to grab a knife for this price tag makes it hard to complain.

CS:GO Knife #4 - Gut Knife | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)

Image via CSGOStash
Image via CSGOStash

Another extremely low-budget knife is the Gut Knife | Rust Coat. The Gut knives have long been one of the cheapest in the game, as many people dislike their shape. But they do come equipped with a nifty spinning draw animation, despite their meager prices.

Some also dislike the Rust Coat due to its rough rusty finish. However, if that doesn’t bother you, the upside is that Rust Coat looks good in any condition, so the fact it is well-worn doesn’t matter. If you’re on a budget, you usually have to compromise for knives in worse condition - but not with the Rust Coat.

The price tag attached to this particular knife is currently $94 on Steam, but you can find it as low as $61 on Bitskins.

CS:GO Knife #3 - Falchion Knife | Safari Mesh (Field-Tested)

Image via CSGOStash
Image via CSGOStash

The Safari Mesh’s somewhat boring finish is both very common and typically undesirable. However, if you’re a fan of the camouflage aesthetic, then you can nab yourself a great deal on these skins.

The Falchion knife itself has cool animations, especially for such a cheap knife variety. You will find your character consistently spinning the knife round in their hand when drawing or inspecting the weapon, making for a fluid and satisfying experience while moving.

One drawback of this skin is that the condition can significantly degrade its look, but you can currently find a Field-Tested one for $64 on Bitskins (going up to $102 on the Steam marketplace).

CS:GO Knife #2 - Huntsman Knife | Damascus Steel (Field-Tested)

Image via CSGOStash
Image via CSGOStash

The Huntsman knife, in Damascus Steel, is arguably underrated. Like the Rust Coat, the Damascus Steel finish largely hides the weapon’s condition, meaning the condition barely matters. This allows you to get a nicer knife for a lower price.

The shiny, bright, eye-catching steel finish is appealing, and its lower price is due to its relative ubiquity (and the fact the design is not for everyone).

The Huntsman Knife, meanwhile, is a desirable weapon. It is a substantial, bulky knife that looks satisfying and authoritative to hold in your hand. It has a pleasing spinning draw animation and looks good when being swung at opponents, too.

The Huntsman Damascus Steel Will set you back $135 on Steam but only $92 on Bitskins.

CS:GO Knife #1 - Flip Knife | Blue Steel (Well-Worn)

Image via CSGOStash
Image via CSGOStash

Flip knives come with some of the highest price tags in the game, so finding a cheap one worth the investment is hard. Flip Knives have that trademark satisfying flip draw animation used distinctively by many AWPers (including some of the best professional players over the years) in CS:GO.

So this Flip Knife Blue Steel, at $95 on Bitskins ($142 on Steam), is a Well-Worn that is well worth it. The clean and smooth Blue Steel finish is both discreet and attractive - and hides any traces of the fact this knife is Well-Worn. If you want one of the best knives in CS:GO for under $100, the Flip Knife Blue Steel is a good choice available for just under that price tag.