Alliance has taken its first steps in CSGO with an Academy team. The team goes by the name Alliance: Boberg, a partnership between Alliance and Boberg esport.

Legendary esports organization, Alliance has taken its first steps into Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The esports organization, known for its Dota 2 achievements has partnered with Boberg esport.

Alliance has signed a partnership with Boberg esport, a local esports organization in Ånge, Sweden. The TI-winning Swedish organization will lend its experience and some resources to aid Boberg to develop its players’ talent and skills. 

Being an esports professional today is much more than what happens on the server. Yes, it is hard training and a lot of work that is the fundamentals, but we must function as humans as well. Together with us, young people with an esports dream learn everything they need to know to become a better esports player along with other like-minded players with the same dream.

Boberg esport is in its sixth year in esports and has worked towards the development of the esports school program. The new partnership aims to adopt a scientific approach to train the young esports athletes.

Alliance: Boberg CS:GO team

As part of this partnership, the roster will go by the name of Alliance: Boberg. It is an academy team and the organization will help in the development of the players.

Alliance has a strong tradition of developing up and coming players into champions of the now and the future. 

Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, Chief Strategy Officer Alliance.

The partnership with Boberg will see Alliance focus on the mental, physical and game training of the young players.

The Alliance: Boberg CS:GO roster is as follows:

  • Oliver ‘zilco’ Hoglund.
  • Timmy ‘Sn0w’ Bruhn.
  • Ruben ‘thorns’ Thornberg.
  • Mattias ‘mxttias’ Lindbom.
  • Filip ‘blixt’ Hortlin.

The team will participate in the Regionalserien Norr, Prime League div. 2 and the autumn high school tournaments. Alliance also plans to support several other youth development programs to strengthen grassroots esports.

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