Aimlabs hosted a tournament featuring matchups run by Twitch Chat. The prizepool for both the invite and showmatch event was $60,000, a significant prize pool for a one-day event.

Aim training software continues to grow in scope

This past weekend, Aimlabs hosted two Aim Lab Tournaments centered around hand-eye coordination and aim for various different gaming personalities.

The day featured two different sets of brackets separated by Invitational and Showmatch. Each bracket features 8 different competitors all competing for various prize pools.However, the event featured a twist to change things up for competitors. The catch is that Twitch has entire control over what type of skill the two players will match up in.

Twitch chat would vote on specific tasks pre-selected a few moments before each match occured.

As the main event, the Invitational Bracket did not disappoint in excitement. Throughout the event, multiple noteworthy performances were put on display by the eventual winner, Trustemix.

Post-victory, Aim Lab partner Trustemix, spoke to Seltzer to talk about the win. In the interview he went on to talk about his own performance throughout the event and how he felt nervous on the day.

"It was really stressful." Trustemix shares with Seltzer. "Start of the day, I could not sleep more than I wanted to. I was thinking about the tournament and how I wanted to performed. But at the end of the day, I realized I am just playing against my friends and it will be okay."

Trustemix is now $35,000 richer after winning the Aim Lab Tournament over M4dBadM4n. For placing second, M4dBadM4n will collect $15,000 for his efforts.

Aim Lab Tournament Showmatch

TenZ is a star player for VALORANT team Sentinels.
TenZ is a star player for VALORANT team Sentinels.

The $50,000 Aim Lab tournament is not the only highlight from this day. The tournament also featured a winner take all foramtted showmatch.

By the end of the side tournament, one player would be the recipient of $10,000. The showmatch featured high-profile talents in esports.

One of these players was TenZ, a current VALORANT star for the Sentinels who looked favored to take home two titles.

However, it appeared this would not be the case after the Sentinels star was unable to make the finals of either tournament bracket.

As a result, Kariyu, a content creator for Overtime took $10,000 in a showmatch against Zexrow in a very close match.

The Aimlabs tournament all took place in the span of one day, all in preparation to help develop their next course of action.

Overall, the Aimlabs tournament is about promoting the Aiming community and it served it's job well moving forward.

Future for Aim Lab

Following the tournament, Aim Lab's main focus will be centered around their new project PlayerBase. Playerbase will be a project supported by Aim Lab to help aspiring competitors get matched up with professional coaches in their respective game.

From here, Aim Lab will continue to support the Aiming Community and provide more resources looking to help moving forward.

For more information, you can follow this link to apply.

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