Three RMR LAN events to decide who will go to the next Major.

There might be several key changes to the CS: GO RMR cycle in 2022, according to details emerging from a Valve link.

The key point of contention has been one of the replies in the FAQ section of the leaked page. The new FAQ refers to the players’ nationalities as the determining factor for the region they can compete in. 

All teams participating in the 2022 and 2023 Majors will earn their invites through regional rankings, which will be updated based on their performance in the previous Major and a Regional Major Ranking tournament.

Previously CS: GO teams could choose where to compete from. Most of the Brazilian teams would compete from North America as did EXTREMUM. However, with the new rules, the teams will have to compete in the citizenship country of the majority of the players.

2022 RMR events on LAN

The CS: GO RMR events will take place on LAN, according to this HLTV report. The report further mentions that Valve will combine the two American regions into one, Europe/CIS and Oceania/Asia as the final region. 

The Americas RMR event will feature 6 spots at the next Major. Europe/CIS will have 16 while the Asia/Oceania RMR will have 2 spots for the upcoming CS: GO Major.

There will be three RMR events in 2022:

  • Americas (NA + SA)
  • Europe + CIS
  • Asia + Oceania

However, in case there are difficulties to host LAN events due to travel restrictions, Valve might revert back to an online format. In case the RMR events take place online, the new system will have the original six regions. 

When is the next CS: GO Major?

ESL was to host the last CS: GO Major, scheduled for November 2020. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, it became impossible to host the CS: GO Major amidst travel restrictions and safety regulations for players and teams alike. 

Last year, the PGL Stockholm Major was the only CS: GO Major of the year with a $2 million prize pool. The event saw massive viewership and crowned Natus Vincere as the Major champion. 

ESL has previously stated the ESL Rio Major is under consideration for 2022. There will be two CS: GO Majors this year, with one in May and the second to take place around November. Details of neither of these events have been released, although a recent Dexerto report suggests the ESL Rio Major might take place from October 31 to November 13, 2022. 

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