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00Nation and 9z trade AWPers

00Nation and 9z confirmed the swap between nqz and try. Both are AWPers and will be playing in line-ups from their home countries.

00Nation and 9z confirmed on Thursday, Jan. 6 that they've agreed upon a trade between the AWPers of both teams. Therefore, Lucas "nqz" Soares will join the Brazilian squad while Santino "try" Rigal returns to the team that revealed him to the world.

Despite the recent performances of both players, this swap seems like a good deal to both sides. The trade will see the two of them will return to their home countries. Another detail is that while try is considered the most promising players from Argentina, the same is said about nqz in Brazil.

Not a good year for 00Nation

The Argentinian player arrived in 00Nation in January of 2022 and represented the squad in the IEM Rio Major 2022, and IEM Cologne 2022 alongside other tournaments of the lowest tiers. Despite a slow start, try to put in convincing numbers and performances.

No wonder, when Marcelo "coldzera" David decided that he wanted to change the core of that roster, the AWPer was the only player that stayed in the team when 00Nation started to negotiate with GODSENT to acquire the trio, led by Epitácio "TACO" de Melo. Still, after a disappointing run at the Brazil Major, rumors started to suggest that try wanted to go back to 9z. Now, he is home.

nqz will play alongside legends of his country

In May of 2022, 9z hired nqz to fulfill a gap that he left at the beginning of the year. Even though the Brazilian performed well in almost every appearance for 9z, the option to go back home appeared, alongside the chance to play with two Brazilian legends.

In an interview to the local press of DRAFT5, nqz talked about the opportunity of playing with coldzera and TACO: "For me, playing with them means living a dream, to achieve something that I've always imagined, and, besides that, I believe that will be a very good moment where I will learn a lot and acquire a lot of experience. I used to watch those guys winning titles when I was a kid and now, getting to share the jersey with them will be wonderful," nqz shared with Brazilian media.

The new Brazilian roster will test their new line on the 16th of January when they will play the ESL Pro League Season 17 Conference South America. On the other side, 9z still didn't confirm any tournaments in 2023 until now.

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