Will this make you buy the Zeus more in your matches?

The beloved Zeus x 27 has finally received some love in the latest CS2 update. Yes, it has finally received a new skin and that paves open for cosmetic upgrades in the future. What’s even more interesting is that the Zeus can now recharge across all game modes. That should completely excite you to buy the weapon in your matches. Here’s all that is new for the Zeus x 27 in February 6 2024 Counter Strike 2 update.

Zeus finally gets a skin

The Zeus has finally received a skin much to the excitement of ‘Zeus enthusiasts’. It has been quite some time since the weapon joined the list of CS weaponry. 

What changes to the Zeus in the update?


The latest update also brings some gameplay changes with regards to the Zeus. The Zeus now recharges in every game mode. The recharge does take some time - 30 seconds to be precise - but it provides an opportunity to players to hold unusual angles. 

So the threat of a Zeus taser is always present throughout the round. With a 30 second recharge timer, players can use the Zeus potentially three (or even four) times in a single round.


You can now also add stickers and name tags to the Zeus. While the first skin has already been released, we can expect many more skins being added to the game in future updates.

The Zeus x27 is equipped in the melee slot when bought along with the player’s knife. It acts like a real-life taser and player opinions are divided on this weapon. Till recently, the Zeus was a single-shot weapon which means that if you miss then you are out of ammunition on the weapon. As such it was an extremely unreliable weapon.

The weapon is also highly inaccurate when moving, although its jump accuracy is surprisingly good. Furthermore, there is no kill-reward for getting a frag with the weapon, which means the potential for earning quick and easy money remains limited. 

Regardless of the weapon’s limitations, it is one of the most fun weapons in the game. With an audio cue from the opponent, if they are struck by the weapon, the Zeus makes it extremely fun to play around.