Xyp9x parts ways with Astralis – end of an era cover image

Xyp9x parts ways with Astralis – end of an era

End of an era

Astralis have announced that Andreas "⁠Xyp9x⁠" Højslet is parting ways with the organization after eight years. The young Danish player has had a long history with the organization helping them win multiple titles and quite a few Majors.

As a founding member, Andreas is a vital part of the team that forever changed Counter-Strike through a new vision for the game and how it is played, and with 4 Majors and 24 major LAN trophies he is one of the most winning players ever.

It is not only on the server and in the statistics, though, Andreas has made his mark and a real difference.


Xyp9x parts ways with Astralis

The Clutchmeister has been with Astralis since the org’s inception. He was instrumental in leading one of the most successful rosters in CS:GO history - Astralis. Together, the Astralis core won three Majors and a long list of tournaments. 

However, after the core roster fell through as players left the org one by one, Xyp9x moved to the org’s Academy team. 

Following his departure, Xyp9x also had a statement of his own to make to the Astralis family. While he did mention a new project, it is still not clear what this new project is.

After eight unforgettable years, I find myself at a bittersweet crossroad. 

This journey has been life-defining, exceeding even my wildest dreams. From our shared victories to the unbreakable bonds we’ve forged, Astralis has been my home and my heart. 


Astralis was formed as a player-owned organization with Xyp9x being one of the founding members. The core CS:GO team had immense success dominating the scene with their strategic gameplay. The team's rigid gameplay allowed little room for error, but it was the players' high skill and performance that saw them provide no leeway to their opponents.