That’s some luck every CS:GO player wishes they had.

CS2 has been out only for a few hours and XQC has already unboxed a rare knife. The multi-game streamer tried his luck with some unboxing and lady luck has been very pleased with him. 

Counter-Strike 2 was released on September 27 even though the game has been in a Limited Beta for several months. The FPS title featured a lot of improvements but many players were worried about their skins. Earlier this year, during the official announcement of CS2, Valve had confirmed CS:GO skins will transfer to CS2. 

Just how lucky was XQC in CS2?

Popular streamer and content creator, XQC started playing CS2 after launch like several of his fans. And who doesn’t like to test their luck opening CS2 cases.

But unlike many others, XQC seems to have had excellent luck. Within an hour of the game’s launch XQC unboxed a rare knife. You can view his reaction below.

The streamer who has nearly 12 million followers on Twitch tried to trade up several cosmetic weapons. Counter-Strike Global Offensive allowed players to trade up several cosmetic skins for a chance of receiving a higher rarity and quite potentially costlier CS:GO skin. 

Counter-Strike 2 also features a similar feature and XQC tried his luck early into the game’s official release. 

Here’s what XQC won on his first day of streaming post CS2’s launch:

  • Kara Doppler P3 FN in a case
  • Ak Fire Serpent STT FN in a trade up
  • AWP Gungnir 0.02 in a tradeup
  • Dragon Lore 0.005 in a trade

The trade-up feature in CS2 is completely based on luck. There might be several instances where players might trade up high-value skins but receive significantly lower-value items in return. But XQC definitely was extremely lucky and we can expect him to continue to play CS2 for quite a few more days to come. 

In terms of pure value, he traded up almost $20,000 above what he traded in. We can say he has been extremely lucky so far in his CS2 streams.

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