World Esports Championship to feature a $400,000 Prize Pool cover image

World Esports Championship to feature a $400,000 Prize Pool

Two events featuring a $400,000 prize pool.

The World Esports Championship will feature a $400,000 prize pool across two tournaments. The event will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and will be one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year. Here’s what we know so far.

World Esports Championship to feature a $400,000 Prize Pool

There are two events scheduled for the World esports Championship Counter-Strike 2. The first event is an open tournament accepting registrations from all teams. This event will have a $240,000 prize pool and allow for anyone and everyone to compete. The open event will have a total of 24 teams in participation.

The second event is a womens-only event with a $160,000 prize pool. There will be a total of sixteen teams competing in this tournament. It is a perfect opportunity for women’s teams to compete and shine in one of the bigger stages in Counter-Strike esports. 

How to qualify for the World Esports Championship Counter-Strike 2 events

There will be regional events that will aid teams to qualify for the World esports Championship. Four regional qualifying events are spread across the world as follows:

  • Europe [12 open and 7 women’s spots]
  • Asia [6 open and 4 women’s spots]
  • Americas [4 open and 3 women’s spots]
  • Africa [2 open and 2 women’s spots]

What is the format?

The forty teams (24 open and 16 women’s) will move to Riyadh ahead of the event. The tournament itself kicks off with a round-robin format where the best teams will qualify for the next stage. The best teams will then compete in a single-elimination playoff. 

The prize pool distribution for the event is limited to the top eight teams. The winner of the Open tournament takes home $100,000 while the winner of the women’s event takes home $50,000 in prize money.

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournament also features a format very similar to that of Counter-Strike 2 Open and CS2 Womens. The World Esports Championship features five different game titles including Dota 2, MLBB, CS2, eFootball and PUBG Mobile.