M0NESY or ZywOo? Who will lift the 100th IEM trophy?

The culmination of the 100th IEM event is upon us. Vitality takes on G2 at the IEM Dallas Playoffs. Both French-turned-international rosters have attempted to put together super teams in the past, only to settle on role balance. But the recipes don't seem to be working, as neither has lifted a trophy in 2024. Can the bees outlast GStew?

IEM Dallas - G2 m0NESY vs Vitality ZywOo, the battle for #1?

There is no question that Danil "donk" Kryshkovets, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, and Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut are the superstar trio battling for the top spot in 2024. The Frenchman already dusted off donk, and now his sights are set to m0NESY. But the Russian sharpshooter is on fire, putting on the best playoff show so far. The biggest intangible is clearly favoring G2, with Stewie2k proudly carrying the American flag. But at the end of the day, whichever AWP fires first will determine who lifts the trophy in Dallas.

G2 Esports CS2 roster

  • Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač
  • Nikola "NiKo" Kovač
  • Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov
  • Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen
  • Nemanja "nexa" Isaković
  • Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas (C)
(Image via ESL on X)
(Image via ESL on X)

Team Vitality CS2 roster

  • Dan "apEX" Madesclaire
  • Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut
  • Lotan "Spinx" Giladi
  • Shahar "flameZ" Shushan
  • William "mezii" Merriman
  • Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam (C)
(Image via Adela Sznajder/ESL)
(Image via Adela Sznajder/ESL)

How to watch IEM Dallas 2024 Vitality vs G2

Catch the stream for G2 vs Vitality live on ESL's official Twitch and Youtube channels, or you can watch on one of the many co-streamers streaming IEM Dallas like ohnepixel and Mauisnake. Or better yet, watch right here with the embedded stream below.

Vitality vs G2 - IEM Dallas Grand Finals recap

Pop back in later to read the map-by-map recap of the IEM Dallas Grand Finals. Who will be victorious, ZywOo or m0NESY? Here's the Veto for the Grand Finals:

  1. G2 removed Vertigo
  2. Vitality removed Ancient
  3. G2 picked Inferno
  4. Vitality picked Anubis
  5. G2 removed Mirage
  6. Vitality removed Dust2
  7. Nuke was left over

Map 1 - Inferno: G2 Outlast ZywOo in OT

A m0NESY 4k started off Inferno for G2’s T side. NiKo, too, continued his powerful performances in Dallas, quickly stacking up 8 kills as G2 earned a 4-1 lead. Great names, solid A setup, and an early apEX rotation were the recipe for success to lock down Vitality’s first gun-round win. That, plus the subsequent retake win, broke G2’s economy, allowing apEX and co. to tie it up 4-4. huNter- and nexa also put in solid rounds, but it was a 1v2 from Stewie2k that got the crowd riled up as G2 headed into halftime 7-5.

Vitality got the start they needed in the second half, taking three rounds on the trot before m0NESY out clutched ZywOo in an AK duel. The 1v1, however, could do nothing to relieve G2’s economic woes, which allowed Spinx and Mezii to find cracks across the map and take 11. Still, Stewie refused to lose, with a survival round on B allowing G2 to stop the bees’ roll. With apEX getting exasperated, G2 kept putting rounds together eventually equalizing at 11-11. The back and forth was unstoppable, pushing us to Overtime.

Overtime to kick off the IEM Dallas Grand Finals

OT meant the first outing for ZywOo’s AWP on the T side, which immediately dominated the round with openings and shutdowns on B. Spinx was up next with a pit walkout, clearing out the entire A defense. It took everything from NiKo and m0NESY to keep G2 alive on the map, pushing a second OT set.

G2 now looked in control, with a clean first round, and huNter- clutching a 200IQ bomb plant on A where m0NESY was used as B-bait. A clean sweep was denied by apEX as he flanked NiKo in a 1v1. Right as ZywOo was firing up his AWP to tie it up, G2 secured the map point with a well-timed nade. Finally, a 2v2 from m0NESY and Stewie2k finally let G2 close out the map 19-16.

Map 2 - Anubis: flameZ scorches G2

Vitality looked reset with mezii’s 2k starting the pistol round. A m0NESY 3k broke Vitality and NiKo’s triple drove it home, giving G2 the momentum. A round where Vitality just had saved rifles turned into a masterclass from mezii as the Brit nailed an Ace to propel Vitality back. An eco round was followed by m0NESY bringing out the AWP in round 10 for an instant opener that turned into a beautiful 4k for a round win. Even with m0NESY’s heroics, Vitality took the halftime win 7-5.

Vitality looked unstoppable on the T side, with pistols and anti-forces all going the way of the bees. flameZ kept stepping up time and time again, driving through the CTs like a hot knife through butter as his team took map point. m0NESY, however, wasn’t ready to give up, once again bringing out his AWP to make Vitality’s life difficult.

G2 was on some FaZe Clan-level plot armor, as they just kept going at it. nexa’s triple pushed it to double digits for G2, breaking Vitality’s economy. A half buy around ZywOo’s AK put G2 onto 11 as Stewie put on a mega hold on B.

Propelled now on pure energy, G2 denied ZywOo a clutch chance and pushed the game to OT. And immediately, Vitality did what they couldn’t in the previous 7, smashing G2’s defense for 13. Stewie2k’s second AWP found nothing, but m0NESY was there to save the round. That was all the young sniper could save, though, as Vitality then swept the rounds to close the map.

Map 3 - Nuke: G2 Dominate to send Vitality home

G2 Started off with a solid pistol conversion to take a 3-0 lead. And it would’ve been four had mezii not completely annihilated G2 in a 1v3. Spinx stepped up next and shut down the anti-eco to give Vitality consecutive rounds. apEX’s men were confident now as they performed a perfect lobby crunch to take the lead. Spinx and mezii were indomitable, but G2’s individuals stepped up to keep the two teams tied at halftime.

NiKo opened up the pistol round, and the two teams traded blows, but G2 snatched away an unlikely 3v3 retake on A. That swung the pendulum towards NiKo’s troops as they shut down a 5 Deag buy from the Ts, to take 9.

The first gun round had GStew written all over it, with the Smoke Criminal taking 3 frags to hold down A. A mow down from m0NESY was on the cards next as G2 looked ready to finally close a map on their own terms. The IEM veteran in apEX stepped up to the plate now to take off the pressure from his team with two massive rounds, bringing them to 11-8. NiKo, however, had no inclination to lose, and he clutched out a 2v2 with GStew to lock in Championship Point.

G2 Esports are the IEM Dallas 2024 Champions

G2 takes down Vitality to lock in the IEM Dallas 2024 trophy. The squad has had a tough go of things in CS2, but Stewie2k brought a much-needed breath of fresh air for G2. With a stand-in, with NiKo acting as the IGL, the team has made it through the gauntlet.

None of that would be possible without Stewie2k. The NA legend brought talismanic energy to this team, making them almost impossible to slay. But credit must go for NiKo too, as he becomes one of the very few IGLs to win an event with a stand-in. What a win for the team and Nexa’s first-ever trophy in Counter-Strike.

And finally, the ever-present m0NESY. Where would G2 be without him? The 19-year-old has been the best player in the world, bar none. Consistent MVP-caliber performances are finally rewarded with his first trophy of 2024. Whatever it may mean for HooXi and the team’s future, for today, they rest easy as champions.

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Featured Image via ESL, Helena Kristiansson, Viola Schuldner, and Igor Bezborodov.

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