Can Vitality win the trophy?

Vitality are through to the IEM Dallas 2024 semifinals after a 2-0 victory over Heroic in the quarters. The 2-0 victory saw Vitality limit Heroic to single digits on both maps. Here’s how it all went down.

Vitality defeated HEROIC 2-0 to advance to the semis

Nuke started off with a strong seven-round lead for Team Vitality. The team’s performance was led by ApeX who with his excellent positioning ensured that he was always catching the enemy off-guard. The player ended the map with 22 kills much ahead of his peers, who were quite a few rounds below him. Familiarity with the map and the confidence the team portrayed on this map ensured that they were able to come out ahead on all fronts. On the HEROIC side, there were valiant efforts by multiple players, however, the overall morale was not at the same level as Vitality.

With the team’s inability to get much going in the first half of their T-side, they had to rely on a strong and impenetrable CT side. Unfortunately, for them they were unable to push back the Vitality offense. Vitality were able to plant the bomb or even at least eliminate all HEROIC opponents to achieve victory. 

The second map was even more one-sided with Team Vitality coming out guns blazing on Dust 2. The T-side offensive by Vitality meant HEROIC were only able to win two rounds, which came in the first half. The second half was three straight-round wins for Vitality and an easy route to the semifinals. 

Vitality set up a match against Team Spirit

With this victory, Vitality will now face off against Team Spirit in the semifinals. The IEM Dallas 2024 is a $250,000 tournament with some of the best teams in action. The tournament started on the 27th and will come to an end on Sunday, the 2nd of June 2024.