Is Valve remaking Train for CS2? Leaks point to yes cover image

Is Valve remaking Train for CS2? Leaks point to yes

One of Counter-Strike’s most beloved classic maps could be returning in 2024.

For all the new stuff that it brings to the table, Counter-Strike 2 is still missing a lot. The reintroduction of the Workshop is a step in the right direction, as mappers can now work on restoring their creations from Global Offensive. Valve has yet to announce how its own maps will enter the game, but new strings discovered by CS2 dataminers may have spoiled a very welcome surprise.

Files in the game could indicate that Valve is working on a remake of Train for CS2. Here’s why fans are getting excited and what could change in the Source 2 rework.

Train rework possibly spoiled in the new CS2 update

The files were first publicized by CS2 content creator Gabe Follower on Twitter. On Dec. 13, 2023, he published a series of images that he claims were taken from the files of Counter-Strike 2. The image shows strings that reference Train, a historic map that was in the active duty pool for the majority of Global Offensive. The image shows various models that would be used on Train, specifically the gutters of the map’s various locomotives.

Model references don’t confirm the return of Train, but the strings specifically list de_train and there are currently no Train models on any official CS2 maps. Valve may be just experimenting with porting the original Train into Source 2, which would explain why the map is referenced by name. Still, with Train being one CS:GO’s most celebrated maps, it would make sense to bring it back for the Source 2 engine.

What could Valve change in the Train remake?

Train is one of Counter-Strike’s oldest maps. First appearing in the original Counter-Strike, the map has appeared in every mainline entry. It’s also a competitive favorite, appearing at 12 Global Offensive Majors over the course of a decade. However, the map is not perfect, and there are a couple of things Valve will likely change if it returns.

Train A site (Image via Valve)
Train A site (Image via Valve)

First, Train has one of the shortest possible rotate time between sites of any competitive map. This isn’t bad in isolation, but the simple nature of the connector is very different from Valve’s more creative modern layouts. The Z-shaped corridor will likely get a big overhaul, with a second connector being a possibility.

The second issue ties into the first, which is side balance. The CT side maintained a strong advantage even after the rework in 2015. The short rotation combined with longer sightlines inherently favored defenders. Valve could add more cover to the entrances of both sites to give underequipped Ts a fighting chance. Then again, the developer may choose to keep the Train’s identity as an AWPer’s paradise in CS2.

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