Three Brazilian rosters on the brink of elimination at the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Opening Stage cover image

Three Brazilian rosters on the brink of elimination at the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Opening Stage

Will they all survive?

Imperial, FURIA, and Legacy have their final matchups for the Opening Stage of the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024.

Fortunately, none of the Brazilian squads have to face each other in the do-or-die matchup. However, there’s still a chance that every roster falls at the final hurdle.

Who are they playing?

(Image via PGL)
(Image via PGL)

There are three best of threes left in the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Opening Stage:

  • Legacy vs. TheMongolz
  • Imperial vs. GamerLegion
  • SAW vs. FURIA

Whoever loses is eliminated from the Major. The rest make their way to the next stage of the tournament.

Brazil's last matchups for the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Opening Stage


Imperial’s opening-stage matchups have been closer than most. Two overtime matches against HERIOC and ENCE sat them in the 1-1 bracket, eventually leading to their game against Apeks where they emerged victorious setting them up for their bout against ECSTATIC.

Frankly, ECSTATIC walked all over the Imperial squad in two of the three matches. Despite a second map return to form, the Imperial squad struggled on their T-side on the third map Vertigo, leaving a slog of a defense half to come back. 

  • ECSTATIC won map one: Anubis 13-4
  • Imperial won map two: Inferno 13-10
  • ECSTATIC won map three: Vertigo 13-9


Coldzera’s Major run might come to an unfortunate end. The whole Brazilian scene was thrilled to see the Major-winner return to one of the biggest tournaments in Counter-Strike history—but TheMongolz has a chance to stop them in their tracks.

Legacy managed to take down their Brazilian compatriots FURIA, then narrowly lose to Cloud9, and follow it up with a solid win over Apeks. This final win kept their feet out of the fire after sitting in the 1-2 bracket. Unfortunately for Apeks, this means their Major dreams are over.

  • Legacy won map one: Ancient 13-7
  • Legacy won map two: Inferno 13-7


Touted as one of the strongest teams in Brazil, FURIA has been somewhat disappointing throughout this Major event. However, their final matchup against ENCE has shown a different side of FURIA.

FURIA struggled in the opening matchups in the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 opening stage. Legacy toppled the big dogs and Lynn Vision also managed to assert their dominance over FURIA. 

They’ve been on an elimination spree as FURIA’s clawed their way back to the final match of the opening stage. They handled Koi with ease and dispatched an overperforming ENCE squad. 

  • FURIA won map one: Mirage 13-8
  • FURIA won map two: Ancient 13-9

Now each roster’s next stage qualification hangs in the balance. There is always a chance we’ll see every Brazilian roster, barring paiN, of course, fall at the final match.