The MongolZ and Lynn Vision to represent APAC at the Copenhagen Major cover image

The MongolZ and Lynn Vision to represent APAC at the Copenhagen Major

Is this the strongest Asian representation at any Counter-Strike Major? Only time will tell.

After three days of intense competition during the APAC RMR, The MongolZ, and Lynn Vision have qualified for the Copenhagen Major. The MongolZ qualified via the Upper Bracket while Lynn Vision qualified through the lower bracket.

Two teams from the Asia Pacific RMR

The Asia Pacific RMR had a double-elimination bracket. The elimination and advancement matches were best of three, while everything else was best of three. This meant little room for error for the participating teams.

The Mongolz had qualified for the RMR through the East Asian Qualifiers. They had to go through an overtime map against ATOX Esports to secure their slot. While the East Asian qualifiers were relatively touch and go for The Mongolz, they faced no such qualms in the APAC RMR. 

Limiting their first two opponents, Myth Avenue Gaming and Grayhound to 4 rounds, they faced off against Lynn Vision in the Upper Bracket Final. Lynn could not reach double digits in either map of the series, and The MongolZ had a relatively easier route through to the qualified slot.

Lynn Vision fell through to the lower bracket, but they had one last opportunity to qualify. They faced off against Grayhound, who had persevered through the lower bracket. Unfortunately, the more popular Grayhound roster, they were not able to best Lynn Vision. 

It was a very emotional moment for the Lynn Vision players who had to go through quite a bit before they could see their name in the Copenhagen team list. 

Coming via the Chinese qualifiers, Lynn Vision had victories against Wings Up Gaming and TYLOO en route to the RMR. In the RMR itself, they had to face off against international teams, with many of these teams having more experience playing different playstyles. 

Should APAC have more Major slots?

Asia has been one of the fastest-growing regions when it comes to Counter-Strike esports. With multiple regional scenes within the Asia-Pacific region, in recent times there have been demands for an additional RMR slot. Currently, APAC get two RMR slots as opposed to sixteen for EU and five for the Americas. 

In an interview with HLTV, The MongolZ’ Techno mentioned that they have confidence in their team and want to secure three slots for the region at the Major. 

Improved performances by teams from the Asia-Pacific region will surely garner Valve’s attention and we might see a future where Asia gets more slots at the Major. For now, Counter-Strike fans are eagerly awaiting the next CS2 Major that takes place next month. 

The CS2 Copenhagen Major kicks off on March 17 and will continue for 14 days ending on the 31st. It is the first ever Counter-Strike 2 Major and will feature a $1.25 million prize pool.